Okay, okay. I don’t want him out. Akin can stay.

“Todd Akin is the victim of forceable assault.”

Hey Bryan Fischer! The whistling from the wind between your ears is particularly loud today.

My dad sent me this article in Jewish World Review on the topic. You can check it out. One of my favorite lines (Mecklenburg is the target of criticism for the misinformation):

Finally, Mecklenburg said it was likely that the rapists — because of “frequent masturbation” — were unlikely to be fertile themselves.

The video is from Christian Nightmares. 


Seriously? This @BryanJFischer guy is on your team?

There’s been so much coverage of the Colorado shooting at a midnight screening of Batman Rising, that I knew about it in my sleep.

But the nightmare turns outright pathetic when a Christian leader tweets the above bullshit.

Bryan Fischer tweeted (already!?!):

“14 killed, 50 wounded in Batman shooting. We have rejected God, we’re turning into a 3rd world country.”

Firstly, what an asshole.

Secondly, that asshole apparently hasn’t read or understood the very doctrines of violence in his own “faith.”

Thirdly, who among you will “love” Fischer enough to tell him that his ideas are hurting America more than secularism.

It’s not about judging. It’s about marginalizing the stupid in this country.

And the stupid, it burns.

17. Bryan Fischer gets his panties balled up over the New Yorker article #SSAweek

If you haven’t heard about this article, listen to today’s Fresh Air Interview. You might not be able to read the article if you don’t have a subscription to the magazine.

Bryan Fischer is able to strongly influence the leadership in the right-wing with his radio show.

Bryan Fischer is hilarious in his response, and his dumbass listeners will believe him without looking into it personally.

If I wanted to discredit someone, I would explain exactly what that was I was discrediting. But all he can do is explain that it’s bad journalism.

What a crock.

3:00 p.m. CST 


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Fischer: ‘It’s Perfectly Appropriate to Discriminate Against’ Homosexuality

Citing Martin Luther King, Jr., Bryan Fischer says that it is perfect appropriate to discriminate against gays because they engage in immoral conduct.

Within Christianity, there is a common sentiment conveyed that non-believers should judge Christianity, not by the character and behavior or Christians, but by the character of God/Christ/The Holy Spirit.

There is an oft-admitted perspective that Christians are fallen, sinful, and disobedient — despite the common claim that they are transformed in the blood (whatever that means).

The morality of Christianity, then, could be said to be unattainable, could it not?

Sure, sure. Christian morality is absolute. But that doesn’t mean that its adherents absolutely follow those guidelines.

So why — why oh why oh why — do kids like Bryan Fischer from American Family Association have any right to claim superiority or dominance over a group of people they — and they only — have determined sinful.

Hey Bryan Fischer, see you next Tuesday!

Rick Perry and Friends: Meet The Supporters Of The Governor’s Prayer Rally

Inspired by the massive amount of video and other materials we are turning up in examining the extremists with whom Gov. Rick Perry is partnering with in promoting his upcoming “The Response” prayer rally, we decided to put together a little video to highlight just who these people are.


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Freedom of Religion, only if it’s the religion we choose

From Bryan Fischer:

Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America, let alone the monstrosity planned for Ground Zero. This is for one simple reason: each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government.