This would make Xina stain herself

Regular reader Xina doesn’t like Praying Mantis-ees. I’ve posted pictures of them before and she sends me minor death threats.

I’m sorry in advance, Xina!

This little booger was dancing around our towels and drinks one night by the pool. He she or it leapt at my camera lens once when I got too close.

It gave me the heebie jeebies.

BTW: There’s a band called Praying Mantis. You should buy all their albums and blame me when you hate them.


Crazy-ass lighting shot

I saw this via Stumble Upon recently and I thought you would like it. Yes, you. It’s a composition of several shots spliced together, but it’s still pretty friggin’ cool.

From the photographer:

This is a photo sequence of 42 stacked shots, caught in Olympic Stadium, Athens during a severe thunderstorm. It only took me aproximatelly 30 minutes to capture 51 lightnings.
Nine shots were destroyed because of the excess brightness. See also the waterdrops from the drain pipe. They seem ‘still’ as they instlantly illuminated from the lightnings.

The answer to the crucial question: No… The big one didn’t hit me on the head! It stroke a few hundred feet in front of me..
Canon EOS 550D, 28/6/2010 1:16 – 1:48, Shutter Speed 3.2 sec x 42 shots, Aperture Value 4.0, ISO 100, Lens Canon EF 15mm f/2.8, Focal Length 15.0 mm