Thundering Thursday Nooner: Convicted Felon Chuck Colson tells you how to talk sex to your children

What a failure this Chuck Colson is. He’s a thought leader for belief in this nation? Really?

Around minute 1:15, Chuck says that the biblical view of marriage is crystal clear, despite that absolutely nowhere in the bible is there a crystal clear definition of marriage.

That’s bullshit.

If there’s a market for what believers have done to sex education, it’s what this guy is doing: it’s mimicking an absolute bundle of manufactured horse shit to his constituency.

The right-wing loves to talk morality, but each one of the mouths delivering this nauseating message is so rife with hypocrisy, it’s amazing that lightning doesn’t strike them every time they talk.

As my visit to the Museum of Sex revealed, nature and human bedrooms are chockfull of sexuality that is considered deviant by the Christian right. And thank whatever god you want for it. Deviant sex is fucking fun, goddamnit, so keep your dumb hands out of my bedroom. If Chuck’s sex life sucks ass, it’s not on the rest of us to worry about it.

Chuck Colson does one thing great. He’s the poster elder for deranged lunatic.