When I was a child, I spake as a rule changer …

Zoe 11-06 3
My cat Zoe has a more developed mind than many humans.

Remember being a kid. You played insouciantly with friends around the neighborhood and made up all kinds of games (ball games, tag games, reindeer games). When the flimsy rules you and your companions originally came up with weren’t exactly working in someone’s favor, you or one of your friends changed (or tried to change) those rules to better suit your/his/her need for dominance? You/he/she explained whatever popped in your/his/her head, or maybe thought quite a bit about things you/he/she could do in different situations well in advance to help win games.

Me neither. I don’t remember doing that either. Continue reading “When I was a child, I spake as a rule changer …”

Bruce Hood, They’ll Eat Chicken Before Their Games …

WordPress does not work with embedding many forms of videos, so you’re going to have to click on this link to view this video from Bruce Hood, Director of Bristol Cognitive Development Centre at the University of Bristol. He researches the origins of supernatural beliefs, development of face and gaze processing, and development of inhibition cognitive development.

Click here to view the three-minute video.

UPDATE: I’ve been watching the rest of the videos on that site, and they are really interesting and worth the time to watch them. I just watched this on fossils and this on hygiene.