Cynical-C sings the hits


I wish they would focus on the rights and liberties of the already born victims.

– Blogger Cynical C In response to a post titled: SC health plan would not pay for abortions involving rape, incest under new proposalEspecially this quote:

“We’re focusing on the rights and the liberty of an unborn child, and I can’t understand why the life of a child that’s a victim ought to be terminated,”


Is it wrong that I want to be this prankster?

This video of a guy pranking cops by pretending to pee in public is, well, hilarious.

I found myself jealous.

I can’t blame the cops for the myriad of responses, but I equally love the way the guy confidently assures them that he wasn’t peeing.

I found this at Cynical C, who also posted this old one from Remi Gaillard that I love:

Obama To Progressives: I Won’t Be Held To ‘Some Abstract Ideal’

This had to be passed forward. Politics are so depressing when they aren’t funny.

The campaign posters are already printed for 2012.

I saw this at Cynical-C.

Also of note at Cynical C, this post: Keith Olbermann Calls Obama A Sellout and Republicans Accuse Obama of Endangering Our Freedoms By Not Mentioning God More

Oprah invites fans to be buried with after she dies

Harpo Studios announced yesterday that Oprah is inviting her fans to have an opportunity to be buried alongside her after her death. She’s building a gigantic pyramid in Chicago complete with sarcophagi for you and your loved ones who LOVE Oprah. I’m going to stand in line today to get a ticket for my mom and sister! It’ll be the ultimate Christmas gift that will trump anything my brother and sister in law could dig up.

Woo hoo!

Via Cynical C

A cynical distraction

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m tied up today. But I don’t want you to be bored to tears because my blood pressure is up and deadlines are looming.

If you aren’t already an avid Cynical C reader, you should be. And if you need a reason why, Cynical Chris’ blog is posting lots of updates about the current TSA bumblefuckclusterbomb.

Here’s the latest, but if you go back through a few older post clicks, the posts he makes about the TSA are simply snippets from larger articles.

If you care about who touches your privates in public, you’ll care about this atrocity happening in airports. If you care about who touches your children, nieces and nephews, and the children of your loved ones, you will be even more inclined to give a hoot.

So go already. I’m too busy for you anyway!

Cooks Source magazine and Copyright infringement

Over at Cynical C, Chris posted a quick bit about a woman named Monica who found out an article she wrote was published in a magazine called Cooks Source without her permission.

Monica contacted the magazine, and instead of an apology (or some sort of recompense), their editor Judith Griggs sent her a note that basically said, “Fuck you.”

Here’s a snippet from Judith Griggs:

But honestly Monica, the web is considered “public domain” and you should be happy we just didn’t “lift” your whole article and put someone else’s name on it! It happens a lot, clearly more than you are aware of, especially on college campuses, and the workplace. If you took offence and are unhappy, I am sorry, but you as a professional should know that the article we used written by you was in very bad need of editing, and is much better now than was originally. Now it will work well for your portfolio. For that reason, I have a bit of a difficult time with your requests for monetary gain, albeit for such a fine (and very wealthy!) institution. We put some time into rewrites, you should compensate me! I never charge young writers for advice or rewriting poorly written pieces, and have many who write for me… ALWAYS for free!”

I followed his links for the story to here and here, and I contributed a nasty comment to the Cooks Source magazine facebook page. Comments are being added so quickly that my comment is already off the first two pages of refresh. And I commented just moments ago.

This is what I LOVE about the internet. While it’s not perfect, the Internet is amazing for finding and sending information. And while it can work for a company, it can also work against one.