Ming Thein declares the demise of the DSLR

I have so little experience shooting with anything other than DSLR and digital medium format that I can’t weigh in on the topic that mirrorless is rivaling DSLR in a lot of ways, but I’m on board.

I would love to shoot a wedding or corporate event using gear that doesn’t break my bank or my arms.

Read here for Ming Thein’s take on the death of the DSLR.

I particularly like the idea of carrying two compact cameras instead of one DSLR body and two chunky lenses.


Do you want one of my cameras?

This is likely not the place to sell my camera, but I’m going to throw it out there. I’m selling my Canon 7D.

The package, if bought new would be over $2750. I’m looking for $1500.

I use it so very little and I’m hoping to replace it with a 5D Mark III.

So if you’re in the market, email me here. Let’s talk business and stuff.

I’d probably limit the sale to a domestic buyer.


93-year-old lens on a 5D Mark II

A couple years ago, I posted that a photographer outfitted a 100 year old lens on a Canon 5D Mark II. The results were really cool.

Recently, a guy hacked a 5D Mark II with a 93-year-old lens (pictured above).

The results weren’t nearly as impressive as the 100-year-old lens, but then again, 100-year-olds are often way better than anyone or anything younger than them.

The pictures of the hack are impressive, though.

Below are some examples the photographer, Ryan Heise, posted.

Go check him out and hire him and his 93-year-old lens the next time you get a chance!

This is the train wreck you’ve been looking for

In case you were wondering, yes, there is a site for photography collected from people who bought a DSLR and decided that suddenly they were “pro” photographers.

It’s called, “You Are Not a Photographer” and you should check it out.

There are photos that may shock you.

Some may wow you. Some may make an impression on you … but for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks Luis V. for the link! 

Below is another shot that may whet your appetite:


Wow! Photos taken at night will beguile you

Reading Gizmodo this morning, I saw a link for 175 photos taken at night. Shooting in darkness isn’t easy, and I admire several of these shots.

Here are a couple that stood out.

I live in the midwest and it just so happens that, on the night of the full moon, January 20, we received a very heavy snow storm(9in where I live). The most unfortunate part about this snow storm was that you could not see the full moon at all and it really didn’t help that the wind chill was 0 degrees, there was snow flying all over the place, and my equipment was getting all wet. So I decided to take this shot from my back door, I had my lens hood on and that was filled with snow even from inside the house. Overall it was a terrible night(based on the complaining I did in the previous sentences) and this was the best that I could get while being snowed in and having limited resources. Canon EOS 20D, Canon 28-70L, ISO 200, 55mm, 25.0s, f/6.3.
-George Westlake

So I live in Puerto Rico, where there is beach everywhere. I was at a friends house and i explained the challenge to them they liked it so bad that we all went to the beach to take some pics, I Had my Canon T2i, with a 24-70 F2.8, and a Slik Tripod, the settings were Iso 400, F 8, Shutter 302 secs. and at 24mm. I did several pictures of 8 guys playing soccer, standing there for 5 mins!! but this one was the more sharp! It was really Fun.
-Juan Lizarzaburo