How cool is that: A park for the disabled

Stan from TYWKIWDBI posted this amazing park/preserve that he visited over the weekend called the Jenni and Kyle Preserve.

The park website explains:

The vision for the Jenni and Kyle Preserve began in 1989 with a donation from Harvey and Patricia Wilmeth.  The donation was a memorial for their grandchildren, Jenni and Kyle, who both died at the age of 4 due to a degenerative neurological disorder.  The Jenni and Kyle Preserve is a unique park that is intended to serve children and persons with disabilities, and provides accessible fishing and picnic areas, trails, wheelchair swings and a shelter building around two spring-fed ponds containing trout and panfish. The shelter has 4 elcecrical outlets and four picnic tables.  No amplified music or tents are allowed.

The photo above is, I think, one that Stan took of a wheelchair accessible swing.

How freaking cool is that!

And like Stan wrote:

Very nicely done.  More cities and towns should have such facilities.



The Makers of Wall-E predict future, pat selves on back

Above is a photo of Toyota’s “Sofa on Wheels” unveiled at the Beijing motor show.

It’s a wheelchair for people with houses the size of Versailles.

Imagine that. The world gets small, but wheelchairs get larger.

Way to make the future look unpromising, Toyota. It shows you have your finger on the pulse of the .025%