I may have lost my bicycle seat, but I found my toilet seat

Texas Governor Rick Perry addresses Liberty University students

Back when I wasn’t strong enough to leave the fold, I visited Liberty University as a high school senior. On site, I had to wear a button down and a tie with slacks. The students there were miserable, that I could tell. I attended a couple classes and ate in the lunch room.

Liberty University is a place reserved for students who don’t know better.

Recently I was working a job, and I asked someone where their company was based. She told me Lynchburg, VA. I scrunched my nose. I said, “Is that where Liberty University is?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes,” she said. “I try to tell people that there is more there than that awful ‘university.’ But people only know it because of that.”

This is the way people talk in passing about that landmark to poorly educated students.

Imagine what they say given the chance to dive in and tackle the topic.