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Another installment of “What the Kids are posting” a novel approach to collecting reddit/r/atheism posts and putting them in one place.

Again, not a fan of all these messages, but it’s sometimes worth exposing yourself to what’s out there.


Scumbag missionary: “People who have never heard of god and jesus don’t go to hell.” Tells everyone about god and jesus.


Temple Baptist church sign says, “Your willful absence from church is your vote to close it.” 


Joy Behar – Jay Bakker On Homosexuality, Religion & Politics

Before I left the fold completely, Jay Bakker’s mindset above is about where I was. The way I was interpreting belief and Christianity was an all-inclusive, treasure trove of openness and positive thinking.

Jay Bakker is a strong candidate for a sort of Jesus following that is commendable.

Bakker promotes agreeing with science. He sees faith as too strongly influencing public lives in politics. He disagrees that homosexuality is a sin.

Everything in the bible doesn’t have to be literal for him to believe that god exists, and that Jesus loves him and everybody. Did you ever watch that reality show about Jay Bakker’s life? That was after I left belief. There was a “private” conversation he had with his dad that was painful for me to hear. Jimmy Bakker was saying that he wishes he could preach the message that Jay preached, but he couldn’t because of acceptance.

Jimmy Bakker’s audience is too old school to accept new thought. Jimmy wanted to teach acceptance, but through tears (surprise) he said, “I can’t.”

Jay Bakker’s message is acceptance. It’s what I think/thought Jesus stood for, before I threw up my hands and said, “Fuck it. No one else thinks like this.”

I was told many times, “It all has to be true or none of it is.”

Perhaps not finding a church that agreed with me caused me to push my disbelief too far out the door. I’ll never know.

It’s as if “Faith” had a chance if she acted more like Jay Bakker’s form of Faith.

All that said, I gotta give props to Jay for getting out there and spreading a positive message in the face of so many people and pastors whom I disagree with.


What happens if you commit crimes and get saved?

I’ve posted the meat of this clip before, but I think it’s necessary to repost it. This caller is a resilient mental gymnast. Despite failing and floundering several times, he keeps getting back up and traipsing along like a half-witted numbnuts.

There’s a part in the conversation when the caller bemoans that Matt has a smarter-than-thou attitude (much like most us atheists have). Around 8:35-ish, Matt says (paraphrased with my comments), I was a Christian for 25-plus years (meaning: I really believed that stuff and I thought I was smart then too). I didn’t get smarter. I gained more knowledge, and I decided to actually care whether or not my beliefs are true.”

The caller admits that the only reason he’s a Christian is because he was born to Christian parents (borderline Poe award) and then he admits that Christians should only point toward the parts of the Bible that make god out to be great.

If this kid is legit, he does an excellent job selling the side of belief that looks all colors of inferior.

Like Matt, I don’t think I’m smarter than anyone else. I am more realistic with my morality. I call a spade a spade. If I do wrong, I should receive the proper response, punishment, etc. for my crime or issue.

If I murdered someone, I can’t hide behind Christianity and say, “See … god forgave me and you should too.” If I committed adultery, I can’t hide behind supernatural forgiveness, and hope my friends and family ignores my indiscretions, because god said I’m forgiven.

That kind of mindset is harmful and full of shit.

What might you think?

Oh yeah, I had that problem once too

This reporter reports the facts, nothing but the facts, so help her pussy … I mean, so help her god. I mean, just god, not her god. I mean, god’s not just, but he’s a big puss. No wait.

He’s a sourpuss and this reporter gives great head.


I meant, the Christian pussy god gives good … Damn, I mean, god, no pussy.

Oh, fiddlesticks!

Just watch.

Apropos to a previous post

Recently I wrote about the how I perceive miracles as natural events (here). There are no miracles like the ones in the bible, which leads skeptics to the conclusion that supernatural miracles can be discounted all together.

When people say something is a miracle, there is a general understanding that it’s something natural. There are no instant healings. There are no water-into-wine happenings. There are no examples of raising people from the dead like the biblical stories.

There are events that seem extraordinary, but they aren’t outside of the natural order of possibility.

My perspective is that there were never any biblical miracles. Biblical miracles were literary devices to make stories better. Samson didn’t have superhuman strength. Jonah didn’t spend three days in the belly of a whale. The Red Sea didn’t part. The first-born male of every Egyptian wasn’t murdered. Frogs didn’t rain from heaven. Elijah didn’t light his soaking-wet altar via a fire reigning down from heaven.

When someone says something is a miracle, they are referring to a person who had cancer, but was given a new lease on life through modern science.

Or they say, “Coincidently I was provided for in some way. Wow, what a miracle.” But there are absolutely no examples of supernatural intervention in today’s day-to-day life.

Or you have idiots like Bill O’Reilly saying things like, “Tide goes in. Tide goes out. Never a miscommunication.”

Well, Bill, you’re an asshole. Try to tell Japanese people, “There’s never a miscommunication.” The tide ripped through the Pacific with a vengeance yesterday. And it did it in an explicable fashion. A simple understanding of science showed that. Whether you think that the earthquake was god or satan, the quake is explicable in natural terms.

Sometimes things aren’t directly explicable, but that doesn’t indicate supernatural miracle. For every instance of something good or seemingly miraculous, there are more examples of the bad. God may have saved your loved one, but he ripped my loved one from me. So thanks for making me feel like shit.

Half the time a believer is bragging about a “miracle,” they are hurting someone else’s feelings. It might be time to stop using the term “miracle.”

Friendly Atheist recently posted this cartoon (below) from resident pastor friend of Le Café David Hayward and I think it should be reposted here. Read Hemant’s original post here.

Yesterday, many people wrote that they would pray for the victims of the earthquake, which I see as a pompous way to say you aren’t going to do anything at all except draw attention to yourself.

Instead, do something about it. Make something happen.

Be someone else’s miracle.

How’s that sound?

Rob Bell: Love Wins

There’s a new book from Rob Bell, a Christian pastor from Michigan, called “Love Wins” coming out at the end of March. I’ve read Rob Bell before, and he’s not horrible.

One of my uncles doesn’t think he qualifies as a Christian, so that means he must be doing something right.

Here’s what the book is about:

[Love Wins is a] Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.

Rob Bell addresses one of the most controversial issues of faith—the afterlife—arguing, would a loving God send people to eternal torment forever…? With searing insight, Bell puts hell on trial, and his message is decidedly hopeful—eternal life doesn’t start when we die; it starts right now. And ultimately, Love Wins.

Resident regular-reading believer Julie Ferwerda posted this video on facebook the other day, and I thought I would at least act as a sort of proponent of the book here. I certainly don’t agree with the message, but I can see the value in the message. It appears more and more Christians are sincerely trying to bridge the gap between Christianity and other ways of thought. And for that, we have to at least give it a nod.

WordPress won’t let me embed these videos, but give it a watch. It’s worth it at least for the photography and production value.

If I get my hands on a copy, I’d love to at least review it here.

Above is a screen cap.

Quote of the Morning

Regarding a book Julie Ferwerda is reading called “The Jesus Secret,” she wrote:

“One of the words the author goes into a great deal, “dikaios,” I had already uncovered myself about a month ago. It is the word translated somewhat consistently throughout the NT as “righteous” or “righteousness,” intended to convey moral uprightness. When in fact, this word is clearly proven in the papyri to convey JUSTICE and equity, not morality. Bible scholars have known of this error for many years but stubbornly refuse to change it for nothing more than maintaining traditions of men (and perhaps fear of diminishing the superior piety of the masses).”

~ Julie Ferwerda in the comments on her blog of this post.

I wish there were more believers who gave a hoot about their beliefs like Julie. I admire that she’s at least trying to dispel some of the misunderstandings people have about the bible.

What sucks is: I’m not her target market. Or if I am, I’m a knowitall, and see the information above as old news. I will say that the above info is verifiable and sound. Since several of my readers are lurking Christians, I feel it’s necessary to post stuff like this.

This, dear Christian, is how to show the world that you’re intelligent and start to curtail the ugly stereotype that “belief = inferior intelligence.”

I don’t agree with everything ol’ Julie writes, but that’s part of the deal. Agreement is not necessary for decent and productive dialogue. What is necessary is that people actually put some thought and research into the information they’re relaying. I kvetch about it often, and can only hope that Ferwerda becomes more believers’ role model.