Contrived logic versus legit logic

This screen cap of an evolution discussion was worth posting. This is after a guy explained why apes are still around and some other information:



“Evangelist Spurned for Supporting Evolution”

That the anchor in the story below opens by saying creationism in the same sentence as evolution as being one or the other is a mystery to me. How does a creation myth get equal bidding with a scientific theory?

Only in this country.

It’s like saying, “Yesterday, Jeremy believes his tea was created by pixies in the kitchen or it was made when he heated up water on the stove and poured it over a teabag … it has to be one or the other.”

Slowly but surely, intelligent people are reading and pursuing the evidence and they see that they can’t deny what science has to offer. Religionistas are able to couple all kinds of other ideas into their “faith” that don’t belong there. They can honor a book that advocates killing children in the same book that says love neighbors … but they can’t accept a scientific perspective while agreeing with love neighbors … I find that hard to believe. Why is the story of origins the breaking point for biblical passages that conflict with their message?

Evolution, The Grand Experiment Chapter 4: Natural Selection and Chance Mutations

So far my exploration of this book “Evolution, The Grand Experiment” by Dr. Carl Werner has revealed no science. It offers a very childish version of evolution, and it says that there are scientists who view evolution as false. It purports to be an honest representation of the facts, but there are no “anti-creationism” sentiments within the book. Not yet anyway. Will there be? We shall see!

Werner has made no attempt to be accurate. He simply mocks descriptions of evolution and attaches elementary school science help sites as its sources. He makes evolution out to be a trivial matter originated from complete idiocy.

I have a lot of hope for chapter four.

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