You get wasted in life for Jesus, or some shit like that

There are updates to the Nova Scotia teen who wore the same white t-shirt every day with the words, “Life is Wasted without Jesus” that it turned yellow.

The day that William Swinimer went back to school, there was going to be a forum on how to properly proselytize your fellow students with information your parents taught you and you can’t yet figure out how it’s full of shit.

His dad came and pulled Swinimer back out explaining that he only wants his kid going to a school that teaches readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic. You know, the basics.

“You can’t tell my son how to tell your sons what to believe!” screamed Mr. Swinimer as he shook his bible out his car window and peeled the tires in his 1982 Chevy Cavalier.

There are also great parts of the story coming out that William told other students they’re going to burn in hell if they don’t believe.

Thought crimes’ll get you eternity, bitches!

I don’t want to put words in Swinimer’s mouth, but I really wished someone would take me aside after I told them the same thing as a brainwashed student and said, “You know, Jeremy, you should do a little research into that place called hell. It’s easily debunked. And seriously, the rationale for it is poorly thought out. Do you really think an all-powerful deity is going to send you to hell for falling in the lineage of two people who disobeyed in a garden?”

I could have used someone to help set my mind free faster, but that apparently wasn’t in the cards.

You can read an article here.

Thanks, Jude!