People are dying left and right, because of this war … on Christmas


Some of FOX News’ and Bill O’Reilly’s war on Christmas is raging again this year, as you’ll clearly see in the above video.

Let me say this, if your Christmas is ruined because some atheist asshole organization doesn’t want to call the public tree a “Christmas” tree, you should check to see if you’re not the asshole who doesn’t know how to have fun.

If your day is ruined because the lady jingling bells raising money for all kinds of religious people over the holiday season, perhaps you’re the one with the inabillity to celebrate correctly.

Maybe your brain is handicapped and your ability to have fun is crippled.

Because the rest of us are going to celebrate … hopefully without your stank-face clogging up our celebration muscles.

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Gotta reblog! Joe My God: Fox News Spent The Day Lying


Tina and I spent the entire day downtown at a multimedia photo shoot. I’m worn out, logging film and footage.

Simultaneously, I’m catching up on my blog list.

When I stopped by Joe My God, there was a post about FOX News using a three-year old photo of Barack Obama with a Pirate, and explained that Obama had time to sit down with a Pirate and not deal with world affairs.


FOX News is a news embarrassment.

Joe My God posted the below video and wrote:

All morning today Fox News used a 2009 photo to claim that the president met with a pirate yesterday rather than address the Middle East situation with the prime minister of Israel. Obama posed for the photo three years ago as part of a joke sequence for that year’s White House Press Correspondents Dinner, which, of course, was attended by Fox News. Yesterday the Obama campaign tweeted the photo as a “Talk Like A Pirate Day” joke with the caption: “Arrrr You In?”  Fox’s story rocketed around the internet courtesy of closeted homosexual Matt Drudge. Fox finally tweeted a “correction” this afternoon.



Recommended reading: six things rich people need to stop saying

I’ve posted from before, and while it seems weird and unlikely to cite a jokester site as a relevant voice, this editorial style article called, “Six Things rich People need to stop saying” is a must read.

Among my favorite moments in the piece talks about Sean Hannity’s comment, “I never got a job from a poor person.”

But if you look at how advertisers pay Hannity’s salary, and those advertisers make their money selling their crap to his listeners, then yeah, you do get hired by poor people, Seany boy.

I’m off to a photo shoot today, so you guys duke it out between yourselves. I’ll try to post a pic or two from the shoot later.



Sarah “Slay Bells” Palin criticizes Obama’s White House Christmas Card

I purposefully wrote “slay” bells. So don’t get your undies all waded up.

If the president doesn’t have “traditional” Christmas icons on his Christmas card, it sets off alarms. FOX sends out the big dogs, like Palin.

But if FOX News and FOX Business News don’t have “traditional” Christmas cards, they just yawn and pass over it.

Pass over.


Remember when the deity loved the Egyptians and killed their first borns. That was fun.

Anyway, check this video out so you can chuckle, too.

Via Cynical C

While you’re at Cynical C, check out Robert G. Ingersoll’s What I Want for Christmas.

FOX News to its viewers, “You’re all sheep.”

FOX News sent out its Christmas cards, and you can find a photo of one above. The FOX sleigh, pulled by sheep (sheep?) is beating out the NBC, ABC and CBS. MSNBC and CNN aren’t even racing. They are looking on from the sidelines.

Isn’t it cute?

Isn’t it clever?

FOX News is winning thanks to the sheep pulling the sleigh.

Isn’t that the best way to say thanks to your viewers? Call them sheep, mindless animals with no sense, common sense or otherwise.

So the next time you find yourself helping FOX News’ ratings, be sure to say “Baaaaa” a few times. And eat from your trough. Because that’s how your news agency views you.

You bleating, mindless, cretinous sheep.

They said it, not me.


Graphics schmaphics

I love these, pick on puny little FOX News posts. I mean, FOX is the home of Fair and Balanced.

And it shows.

Take the below chart marking unemployment over the last year under Obama. Looks pretty good right? Isn’t it interesting how 8.6% is marked higher than March’s 8.8%?


Well, take a look at this one. Maybe it’ll help you out a little.

Here’s what the chart should look like:

Do you want to know why it doesn’t look like the last chart?

Because FOX News is fair and balanced, that’s why. FOX News viewers are the most educated, balanced, new finders in the world.

They are [spit, ding] pound sign one!