SATAN IS REAL … He’s right here! Can’t you see him??? Yeah, me neither.

Among the many things in this video that will blow your mind, Pat says, “Burn that statue of Buddha.”

“Demons, these things are real,” He repeats over and over.


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Roundup of things Pat Robertson claims are demonic, includes among others: yoga, karate, Twilight, homosexuality, tv shows about ghosts, young girls playing levitation games at sleepovers, and (sometimes) adopted children from other countries. More details on Robertson’s demon hunting here:



Make up your mind Pat. Your deity did or didn’t do it?

Is it just me or has Pat Robertson changed his tune about deities sending weather to destroy towns? What did he say about Haiti again? Phew, it was Satan! God’s enemy that he let’s confuse you and tempt you with sex and other great sins.

Robertson says that enough people pray, they can stop a tornado.

Which I guess is where this video comes from in which a woman is praying a tornado away from her home.


Was Jonah on that ship?

Nineveh. Nebi Yunus. Iraqi archaeologists exca...

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The video below is an incredible depiction of what it would be like on a ship during a storm.

Remember the story of Jonah and that three-day retreat he had in the belly of a whale? Do you remember why he had that three-day respite in the belly of a whale?

He ran from god’s command to go to Nineveh. While sailing on a boat on which he was fleeing, a nasty storm threatened to destroy it. God had sent that storm and to appease god’s wrath, the crew had to throw Jonah overboard.

This is a story that adults teach children. Its purpose is to teach kiddies that god’s people must do what they are told. If god tells them to tell an entire city of their evil ways, they must go do it. Or else what? Or else god will send turmoil and destruction on those whom he “loves.”

This is why people like zdenny feel “loving” when they make comments like this new on this post. He believes he’s saving people from annihilation.

What does the story of Jonah tell about god? What does it say about superstition in situations like say, Katrina or earthquakes in Haiti? It’s bullshit.

Jonah and the Whale is a complete fabrication. There’s absolutely no way it’s more than a story. Teaching kids it was a true event is like teaching kids that it is true that three pigs built three houses that a wolf tried to blow down.

Haitian Earthquake vs. The Quake of ’89

Over the weekend, Tina and I spent Saturday night in New Buffalo, MI. It’s right over the Indiana border on Lake Michigan.

Our friends Mike and Angie had a coupon for a one-night stay at a small resort. We met them and their two kids, Marty and Norah, for a day and a half of sledding, swimming, Wii’ing, and having an all ’round good time.

It was a nice opportunity for a little R&R.

Of course the topic of the earthquake came up. At one point, Mike said, “Did you know that the earthquake in San Francisco was also a 7.0 earthquake (just like Haiti), and only about 70 people died?”

Links for wikis: Haiti & San Francisco.

I didn’t make the correlation immediately. But after we were talking, he made reference to the stereotypical San Francisco and its dominance of a liberal homosexual population. In light of the Pat Robertson ridiculous (and biblically spot-0n) statement, it seems like god likes homosexuals and liberals better than he likes poor islanders who were once enslaved by the French.

I mean, death toll side by side, Haiti’s latest approximation is over 200,000. San Francisco was under a hundred. Injury numbers aren’t even remotely close. Damage to infrastructure, expensive but manageable in San Fran. Haiti is pretty much wiped out.

While Mike, Angie and Tina were talking about the awful Robertson, all I could think of was science. California is known to sit on a tectonic fault line. Engineers have long been used to build in California with the understanding that a quake could hit anywhere at any time.

When I think of liberals, I think of lovers of science and reason. They test to falsify ideas on many levels to arrive at a solution that takes place in realistic terms. There’s no way to measure the correlation of life-style choices that might or might not spark the anger of an invisible being in the sky.

What it boils down to is this: Haiti is poor, and her inability to support an infrastructure to support such a catastrophe is blatantly obvious.

With science, there is a greater chance of salvation. With reason, there are advancements to infrastructure, to medicine, to life. Without it, nature and the elements are fiercer and even more indifferent than the universe already is.

Attempts at Rational Behavior Julie blogged about Chris Hitchens’ response to the religious tomfoolery. A lot of us godless bloggers have hit this topic hard.

Tina and I donated to the Red Cross the day after the hit, and we’re hoping to collect more cash to donate as soon as we can.

Atheists have been organizing as much donations as we can muster, which shows a great positive push. PZ covers the topic of organized godless giving here. At the time of writing, donations topped $150,000 and that was a few days after almost all the blogs I was reading were calling for donations.


Regular reader Renee Hendricks sent me a note with a list of donation centers to consider. I’m leaving her comment as well as posting the list with links here:

Consider a few other charitable organizations as well (for you and readers):

Doctors Without Borders:

Non-believers Giving Aid:

Long term help – Mokugift, reforestation of Haiti:

Thanks, Renee!