finally, all the fun of getting slobbery drunk without the consequences of the dreaded hangover!



Tina signed up for a service that delivers samples of different products.

Every so often, a box shows up in our common area addressed to Tina with several goodies inside, including nail polishes, tea, coffee, and some knickknacks.

The box that arrived yesterday included two packets of drinkwel, a multivitamin for people who drink. Apparently, there are consequences to drinking that this product promises to alleviate.

Or something.

Promises, promises!

Seems to me like another group is trying to capitalize on a very profitable woo market.

My skepticism stems from the American Heart Association’s recommendation to average a certain amount of alcohol per day (see this). So if “doctors” are behind a product that promotes drinking, perhaps there’s something amiss.

Mind you, I don’t always stick to the average. In fact, I’m a fan of being above average, if you know what I mean.

But that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant of the facts. That means I’m a willful dissenter. Or that this is a way cognitive dissonance gets the best of me.

It’s one thing to blindly walk through life. It’s another thing to recognize the faults and failures, openly and honestly.

Which I have found that many aren’t capable of.

In the meantime, read some of the reviews of this product on Amazon.

I’ll give the supplement a whirl and let you know how it goes. I’m expecting an enriched life experience with a superlative after-drinking experience to push me into the throes of blissful flowery, non-hangover greatness!




What I did for Halloween: Watched that age-old documentary called, “The Exorcist.”


Last night, I watched a really scary documentary called “The Exorcist”.

Have you heard of this one?

In this incredibly interesting documentary, there’s a little girl whose mental illness is undiagnosable by all the top doctors from all the top hospitals. The mental illness gives the girl incredible strength and the ability to move her bed just by lying in it.

I think the little girl was smoking meth a lot, and the strength it gave her was shocking. And since this was a documentary, seeing the first-hand account of these things helped me believe in things I’ve only heard about in the past.

Because it turns out that this little girl was literally possessed by demons.

It got a little weird when the little girl started killing people, but her mom was so rich that she went unpunished.

When all science fails the little girl, the doctors turned the mother toward the very accurate and noble profession of Priesthood.

Yes, it was priests who were finally able to solve the problem. I don’t want to spoil the end, but everything turns out okay.


It sure is awesome that we live in a period of time when supernatural events can be captured on film, and shown to doubters and skeptics. So that no doubt can be cast upon the extraordinary claims made anyone.

Documentaries like this are invaluable tools to show everyone just how powerful Satan really is, and that it takes selfless priests, blood sweat and tears to remove demons from little girls.

At a time when the popularity of mental illness and definable diseases have started to overshadow biblical-style demon possession, it’s comforting to know we have heroes in black uniforms lead by a ultimate leader in bejeweled costumes who are so dedicated to the cause that they don’t get married to women, but to their followers.


Peeper Dee #229


A closeup of your brains by sunny lee

Sometimes we don’t get that many submissions for Peeper Dee. And that’s okay.

If I had naming power over Becky F’s picture below, I would call it, “After you hyperventilate, have a piece of baguette” or “inexpensive paper weight.”

What would you call it?

My submission today is more image that I edited today than a photo I took today … which — in my mind — is perfectly fair game.

Where is your submission?

by Becky F

by J-dub



Unlikely BAMF in a Tutu

Joanne Casey posted these damn photos from photographer Bob Carey. It’s a series of him wearing only a tutu.

He explains the series started as a kind of a joke, but then the story took a turn when his wife developed breast cancer. Wearing a pink tutu suddenly took on meaning.

So now Bob Carey sells his images to raise awareness and money to fight cancer.

Read more and make a contribution here.


Inspirational: Grandma carries disabled granddaughter over mountains to school

This Chinese grandma values her granddaughter’s education so much, she’s willing to carry her to school, an over 2-hour walk, there and back.

Via TYWKIWDBI who included this:

Tan, seven, has cerebral palsy and can’t walk, so every morning for the last three years, her granny has carried her the five kilometres to school, waited for her, and carried her home across southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality… Incredibly though, the two have never been late for school, even though the walk takes around two hours on a good day. It is estimated Xiang has carried Tan, now seven, over 10,000 km.

What Stan at TYWKIWDBI is posting

A couple weeks ago, Stan at TYWKIWDBI took a blogging hiatus to have bunions removed. Since TYWKIWDBI is my newest, favorite blog, you can imagine the deflated farty honk. Stan posts lots about science, but the mix of topics is fascinating.

Let’s put it this way. He makes me feel so … uncivilized.

I’m not kidding about the bunions either. He posted a picture of Paul Bunion and wrote, “Guess what kind of surgery I’m having and why I’ll be taking a break for a couple weeks?”

Stan is now back to blogging, and he didn’t limp back in. He threw a handful of grenades into the well of his blog and it exploded all over.

There were too many to reblog individually, so I thought I would do a batch reblog. Enjoy.

In fact, you should probably browse the front page as soon as possible. There are cool pictures of insects and a story on How African Countries got their borders.

So interesting.

Go enjoy the blog. I’m going to go do a dance around a fire in a loin cloth like some kind of uncivilized banshee, (Native American not the Irish fairy).


Kentucky Fried Movie: Astrological Report

I found this video posted over at regular-reader Biodork’s Freethought Blog (FtB). If you haven’t been following Bee to the Dee’s progress over at FtB, what are you waiting for?

I thought of Biodork over the weekend. Some of you might know that Biodork volunteers as an escort at a women’s health facility, that includes services like abortions. Her job is to help women pass from their vehicles to the front door without being completely accosted by protestors who regularly camp out in front of the building.

It’s a shame that such a volunteer is needed in this country, but I — for one — am proud of Biodork for doing it.

On Saturday, I was out looking for photo ops, and I drove past Planned Parenthood (LaSalle and Division) here in Chicago. When Tina and I usually pass there, I open my window and yell at the groups who are picketing out front. “Educate yourself on the facts!” I yell. “Go find another way to love your neighbors!” I scream.

You know, insults.

But Saturday, there was only one dude, with a sign about praying for pro-life. He was reading a book.

If I thought I could get away with stopping in the middle of the road, I would have slammed on my brakes, picked up my camera from the passenger seat and yelled, “Who loves abortions?” When he looked up, I would get his picture.

Oh the shock that would have been on his face! Oh, the joy I would have had on mine! Oh the pictures and the stories for the blog!

Hypotheticals are so boring. 

Next time!