Ever need to go hands free for that particularly tough wipe whilst on your toilet reading your iPad?

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.35.23 AM


Ever have that problem where you need two hands when reading your iPad on the john?

Well, me neither.

But apparently there are those people out there. And need has brought a supply of these nifty toilet paper slash iPad holders.

And for the tike with attention deficit disorder, buy them this potty training design of genius: a training station with iPad holder.

I don’t see a little cup for placing some cheerios, but maybe it’s not viewable from this angle.

Great deals on both of these items today on amazon, here and here.

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Joanne Casey posts the hits

Joanne Casey at I have seen the whole of the Internet posts funny stuff. Here’s a quick collection of some that made me laugh.


Picture of a lost cat flyer with a cat in the shot that looks like the one missing. 


Book cover: Guys can be cat ladies too. A guide for men and their cats. Michael Showalter. 

Got a new car. Chicks love it. 

1017415_10200292425378060_314463390_nImage of a butterfly reads, “I think I might get a tattoo of a fat unemployed woman above my anus.