Finally, proof that ghosts exist. I renounce everything.

And by renounce, I mean, if this is proof for you, then you should paint a target on your noggin.


Here’s a story about it, and if you make it past “Paranormal Experts” consider yourself the picture next to gullible in the dictionary:

Paranormal experts are now studying footage from three security cameras after IGA owner Norm Hurst captured the bizarre footage at his Brompton business, which was been plagued by unexplained incidents.

The motion-activated CCTVs in his store recorded a late-night incident last Thursday which sent chills down his spine – and was watched by 50,000 fascinated viewers on AdelaideNow and its sister websites yesterday.

Other Adelaide “spooky” places include Adelaide Arcade, said to host the ghost of a former caretaker, and Carclew Youth Arts’ mansion, said to host the ghost of a woman thrown to her death from the tower.



Extraordinary People: The Million Dollar Mind Reader










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Derek Ogilvie says he can read the minds of infants who are too young to communicate verbally. Now he agrees to undergo a series of controlled experiments to test the limits of his alleged abilities. He even faces the ultimate sceptic in the form of James Randi, an investigator of the paranormal who has offered $1million to anyone who can provide evidence of the supernatural.

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