iOrdered iPhone

My phone has been in disarray for some time, and I’ve been patiently waiting for the iPhone 4 to come out so I can order one.

The wi-fi doesn’t work, which basically renders it no better than any phone. Having wi-fi makes the phone hum, especially for common tasks like email and internet browsing, but also for sharing files and controlling our condo’s sound system. The wi-fi glitched out about 4 months ago. I took it to Apple, but they said, “You have to buy a new phone. It’s not worth fixing.” I decided that I would wait to buy a new phone seeing that a new one was scheduled to be announced soon.

There are a bunch of other issues. I’ve actually talked other people out of buying a phone like mine, because of the issues it has. The battery life sucks. The wi-fi issue is a known problem.

I’m hoping that I can get more use out of the camera and video camera than the average bear. I’ve been putting off buying a point and shoot camera as well as a little Flip for some time. Perhaps the new iPhone with its HD video recordings and 5 megapixel photos with flash will satiate the need for buying those two devices separately.

All in all, it’s a luxury buy that I think I can justify.

What’s something luxury that you’ve bought lately that you kind of felt guilty about? A friend of mine recently returned a Canon T2i and bought a 3d Television. I almost smacked him in the face.

I will determine whether or not your guilty purchase is worth a smack in the face or not.