Harvey, Yeshua, Allah … what’s the difference?

If you’ve never seen the movie “Harvey,” you’re missing out one of the best movies ever made and one of the best roles James Stewart ever played.

It’s about a rich guy named Elwood P. Dowd (Stewart) who spends all his time with his best friend Harvey, a six-foot tall invisible Rabbit. They go to social events, but primarily bars. It’s an amazingly good movie.

I find that there are lots of people who know and hang out with Harvey.

For instance, here’s a girl from my facebook wall talking about learning from Harvey:

See how cool Harvey is. He’s helping Andréa. He must not speak the same language as Andréa. So there’s some difficulty when they talk. But Harvey is there. Period. And he’s kind enough to wait for Andréa while she takes baby steps, even though she’s obviously an adult.

Anyway, the movie is great. Harvey’s the kind of invisible bunny everyone can believe in. He hangs at bars. He loves everyone. And he seems very inspirational.

Here’s my favorite scene in the movie:

Here’s another great one. Oh, how I love Jimmy Stewart.