Invisible Children co-founder found masturbating in public. In other news, I got my phone back!

Jason Russell of Invisible Children speaks at ...
Jason Russell of Invisible Children speaks at TEDxSanDiego in December 2011 - _MG_4054 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

Invisible Children star Jason Russell got caught with his pants down stroking it.

Man, I put all kinds of stuff on facebook trying to get people to think twice about getting behind stupid old Invisible Children. Doesn’t anyone listen?

From The Atlantic Wire:

We don’t yet know exactly what happened or what charges Invisible Children (creators of the viral and controversial “Stop Kony” video) co-founder Jason Russell might face, but the headlines produced by his Thursday night run-in with cops will not help the cause. The only details about the arrest that NBC San Diego has so far is that Russell “was allegedly found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something.” The story does not say if he is being charged for anything, but they do report that after receiving calls about “a man in various stages of undress running through traffic and screaming,” Russell was cooperative once cops arrived on the scene. They’re promising more updates.

And Invisible Children might be heavily funded by anti-gay groups … so I’m not getting behind them.

In other news, I have my phone back. I have to go reactivate it.

I might go do it with my pants down if you’ll send me money for my next movie.