looooooooooooooooooooong exposures


Last night, I had a Photoshop Monday meeting with Bill Whitmire. We talked about treatments he’s using on photos lately, and how to achieve them. They are much simpler than I thought, but the way they come out is fun.

Then I emailed my buddy Ryan and said I was done. We decided to go out and get some long exposures around the lake front.

Check out Ryan’s fog shots from Sunday night here.






Misery is Rain’s best friend


Yesterday I shot a commencement ceremony for a local engineering college. The weather was miserable.

Earlier this week we had 80 degree weather. Driving along Lake Shore Drive on Tuesday and Thursday, you could see women laying out in Bikinis.

Friday morning, it was gorgeous. Talulah and I did our morning routine. I had short sleeves on. Talulah likes to run naked.

Friday afternoon, it almost snowed.

And Saturday morning, it was short of freezing and rainy.

But when you’re a class of 600 people, and you’ve each invited 5 loved ones, there’s not a lot of indoor arenas large enough to hold everyone. So outside it is.

I really hate this kind of work. You know, where you have to go around being happy go lucky and tell complete strangers they should look at the camera and smile.

But I did it anyway, despite the weather and despite that I hate it. Because a shutterbug whore is what I am.

The best part of the week was at the rehearsal for the event. The rehearsal was on a stage in a theater. All the engineering professors and the dean of students were there. One of the geeky, sciency professors was telling the rest of the geeky, sciency professors that everything will go smoothly. Don’t worry about which hand shakes which hand and which hand grabs the diploma. Don’t  worry about kids that don’t shake your hand for religious reasons. Don’t worry about mispronouncing one of the many foreign students’ names.

He said, “It’ll be easy. Just like Quantum Physics.”

And laughed with the rest of them.

And then another professor said, “You mean it’ll be a paradox.”

I raised up both hand high above my head and screamed, “SCORE!!!” And then I ran around the stage slapping everyone five while laughing just before lifting that  professor on my shoulder like Tiny Tim and throwing him off the stage where the mosh pit would be if there were a concert.

I probably shouldn’t have beefed up that punchline. It did make me laugh, and I told Tina about it as she shook her head saying, “You were at home with the geeks.”

After that, I retired to my room after that and studied calculus for the night.

Help me, OB Beer Kenobi, you’re my only hope


Today has been an interesting day.

Tina and I had a shoot in the suburbs this afternoon. A family celebrating their grandmother’s 90th birthday hired us to shoot the birthday party and take some group shots of the family.

Tina and I packed up the car this morning with our gear, and left the house at 10:45. I backed the car out of our gate. Outside of our gate, there are El Tracks. At first, I was going to drive north and go to Lake Shore Drive. But Tina thought we should go to 90/94 which meant south was the better option. So I turned the car around in the alley.

As I was backing up, I slammed into one of the supports holding up the train tracks. At that same moment, a train was going overhead, and it dove into the buildings and exploded into a million bits. Screaming train riders were strewn everywhere in bloody heaps.

Tina and I drove off hoping no one would notice.


I did drive haphazardly and idiotically into a goddamn El support beam thingamabob. And I probably did $2000 worth of damage in less than a second.

I know. I feel crappy. You should have seen me scream like a school girl and almost lose myself to embarrassing hysterics.

I almost went back upstairs to run a bath and have Calgon take me away.

After the shoot, we drove by a Super K and bought a few things we “needed”. And then we drove past this supermarket called H Mart, and decided to stop and pickup some food for dinner. We never heard of H Mart before. We walked in, and it was like we walked into an Asian country.

The smell of Asian markets is distinct in and of itself. It’s a mix of fish and dead rats. Almost everyone was Asian. There was dragon fruit right inside the door. There were fuzzy squash and lychee samples. And there was a rice department larger than the underwear section at Victoria Secret.

Live crabs, lobster, fish, etc. were available for you to choose yourself. It was as if I walked back into the Cambodian market.

I bought the above beer that was $3.99, since I already spent $2000 on my car banging it into the train tracks. I thought saving some money was in order.

What an experience.

We are excited, because tomorrow morning, regular-reader Biodork, Tina and I are going to do brunch. Yes, I said it. I am going to meet another one of you amazing readers. This time it’s on our home turf.

Biodork is going to stop by around 9 a.m. We are going to take Talulah by the lake while taking lots of photos and geeking out about photo equipment.

Then we’re going to some restaurant that Tina has chosen for some grub before she heads back to her home down of Ork. Just kidding. She lives in Minnesota.

I’ll take lots of pictures (I hope). Maybe I’ll shoot a headshot for her and interview her for an upcoming episode of “Meet your blogger.”

Be jealous, other readers who haven’t met Tina and me yet. We’re waiting for you as I write this.

What’s on your agendas this weekend?

Super Jeremy to the rescue!

Yesterday morning at around 10 a.m. my phone rang. My aunt called me to let me know my cousin Steve’s car broke down near Madison, Wi. She didn’t know if that was close enough for me to help out in any way.

I hung up with her and called Steve. He said he was okay and would figure it out. He would call me back if something came up.

I didn’t hear back from him, so I figured all was okay.

My phone rang again about 4:15. It was Steve. He explained that the first car breakdown was fixed, but now his brakes went out and he was stranded close to O’Hare airport. I told him I would jump in the car and get him.

Of course it was rush hour, and it took a long time to get there. I picked him up. We found a tow truck and mechanic nearby. But we forgot to leave the keys in the car. So we headed back to the car to leave the keys inside. It took us another hour and we were probably a mile away.

I took him into the city. We picked up Tina and grabbed a burger at a local restaurant. Then I had to cruise to my pool league.

It was nice to get a chance to catch up with him. What a happy accident. I don’t know Steve all that well. He lives in Grand Rapids, and he’s about 8 years younger than I.

So I did my good deed for the year, so don’t go calling me if you’re stranded in Chicago.


We survived the night

Last night, I was running around with my camera. The winds were beating me back at around 70 miles an hour.

There were idiots who tried to maneuver Lake Shore Drive despite all the closing announcements. On facebook, there were people updating that they were stuck there for hours. They would update with stuff like, “Still here. I’m not sure I’m ever getting home.” And, “My phone battery is dying. This will be my last update.” And “I’m dying!”

Okay, so nobody said they were dying.

There were people stuck until this morning, though. That’s pretty scary.

We went out to shovel this morning. Our back door was covered. I’ll post some pictures and then I’m going to go back out. It started snowing again, just after we finished.