Inception: A sort of review slash reaction

Photo I took during the filming of The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan is to the far left.


On New Year’s Day, I recommended a couple things to do. One thing was watch Inception for $.99 from Amazon.

Tina and I ended up taking my advice. We never saw it before. I recommend seeing Inception if you haven’t seen it already.

Inception was written and directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Momento). It’s about a guy (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is able to get into people’s dreams to extract information from them.

In a way, it was a lot like the Matrix. Like those movies, DiCaprio’s character can take his crew with him inside dreams. The dreamscapes are designed by one of his team, kind of like how the Matrix was designed by one major Architect and smaller Matrix situations were designed by code writers.

There was quite a bit of exposition about the rules of entering and exiting the dreamscapes, but for the most part, general laws of physics were obeyed inside the dreams. There was gravity, but that gravity could be affected by extenuating circumstances. Time could be bent depending on the layer of dream. It was bizarrely possible. As long as you suspend disbelief, the movie made a lot of sense over time.

The script did a pretty good job at keeping the rules simple so that there could be more characterization. Sometimes movies can get so wrapped up in the alternate worlds that the story is left behind.

All in all, the effects were awesome, and the whole idea is somewhat mind blowing at times.

I want to steal the script!

Inception reminded me of similar fantasies that I had as a kid, and it made me angry for not harnessing the thoughts sooner to develop a script before Christopher Nolan. Nolan took his fantasy world many steps further than I ever did. But in many ways, I had a similar fantasy place where I would go in my spare time.

Maybe you had something similar.

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