Allan Fraser is a coward

Yesterday during the blogathon, I posted a quote from Dr. Herb Silverman.

You may have missed it, as posts got buried throughout the day. I mean, I posted 35 times in 17 hours.

You can see the original post here.

After googling the quote, I found that the exact quote was published without citation at a blog called Miner for a Lode of Iridium. Said blog is authored by Allan Fraser, who posts science articles and freethought ideas.

Fraser also has an online minerals site called, ONLINEMINERALS.COM.

I screen captured the stolen quote and you can see the published post here, but you’ll notice that my link for the original post is now gone.

Allan Frasier had a choice. He could edit his post to include quotes and properly attribute something he stole for himself or he could wuss out and remove the entire post. I wouldn’t have cared if he changed it, and deleted my comment. That would have been shitty, too, but at least he paid attention to the “rules” of international writing etiquette.

What a gigantically shitty thing to do.

Frasier took the douchebag route, deleted his post, which completely undermines the legitimacy of his efforts to be a reasoned and respectable blogger.

As freethinkers, we are about full disclosure. If you call me out, I’ll own up.

I wonder if the shots on his OnlineMinerals site are legitimate as well?

That’s what I expect from everyone. Believers, too.

Own. UP.


Important reblog: Pre-existing Post Rape Syndrome

I wanted to reblog this post from regular-reading Glock.

Now I’ve blogged regularly about the military’s propensity to discharge soldiers based on pre-existing conditions pulled out of their ass without proof. The basic gist is they develop mental conditions while in the service of the military, especially issues such as severe PTSD, and get kicked out without military benefits and long and often difficult fight with the Veterans Affairs Administration to get medical help.

At the end of this post is the posts on these related news items and demands my congress to address the problem. But right now I’m adding a new one to the list. Rape victims being kicked out of the military without benefits for having “pre-existing personality disorders” without any proof of such pre-existing conditions, conveniently timed after they’ve reported rape.

From CNN (Read the full article for individual cases they profiled):

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