Russell Brand sings the hits

Talking about the soldier attack in Woolrich back on May 22, Russell Brand writes:

The extremists on both sides have a shared agenda; cause division, distrust, anger and violence. Both sides have the same intention. We cannot allow them to distort our perception.


To truly demonstrate defiance in the face of this sad violence, we must be loving and compassionate to one another. Let’s look beyond our superficial and fleeting differences. The murderers want angry patriots to desecrate mosques and perpetuate violence. How futile their actions seem if we instead leave flowers at each other’s places of worship. Let’s reach out in the spirit of love and humanity and connect to one another, perhaps we will then see what is really behind this conflict, this division, this hatred and make that our focus.

Read the full text here.



How do you confuse a liberal? The answer is easy!


As you already know, we were traveling over the weekend in Texas.

Going into the trip, I knew my views conflicted with some of Bill’s friends’ views. It’s neither here nor there. I’m used to having views that conflict. I’m not a believer. Most people are. I am a liberal. Lots of people in Texas are not.

And while I have people in my family who openly convey their views and act on their faith and religion, I willfully decline expression unless it’s on this blog. It’s not worth it.

I guess you can say by abstaining from belief practices, I’m practicing my world view. I disagree, though. I go to church when I’m with a church goer. I bow my head and say amen with a prayerful person.

So this weekend was no different than spending it with some of my North Carolina or even my Michigan family.

I thought maybe something would come up that would cause me to retaliate. For the most part, the trip was tame.

I wasn’t nearby when one guy — who had just arrived about 10 minutes previous — was sitting with several Chicago folks including Tina.

Suddenly I heard, “Whoa!!!” and “Oh my goodness!” I think there was a “Wow!!!” Then I heard someone say, “There is no political discussion this weekend.”

Apparently one guy had asked, “Do you know how to confuse a liberal?” And the answer was “With reason and logic.”

Tina was the one that said, “Whoa!!!” Our host was the one who said, “There will be no political discussions this weekend.”

It bothered me that a stranger would walk into a room of Chicagoans and within 10 minutes, make a joke about their potential views. That doesn’t seem very reasoned or logical. If you want to make friends, it seems one would try a little harder.

fig,army,mens,ffffff Take this other guy for example. He waited an entire 24-hours before putting on his t-shirt that read “Infidel” in both Arabic and English. “Nice T-shirt,” I said when I read it.

“Thanks,” he said with a smirk. “We don’t take to their kind around here.”

I assumed their kind was referring to Muslims and here was a deserted location 20 miles from civilization.

We almost started a conversation, but all the Chicago folks let it slide. There was talk of killing muslims, and even then, we rolled our eyes.

For the most part, the Texans were proud of their heritage and made no bones about their gun-lovin’ ways. And why not? They were in the safety of 25,000 acres of country lovin’, white-majority, male-dominated, scorpion-infested, snake-ridden land.

I have to point out that shooting guns is fun. If I lived there, I would consider owning one. Maybe one of those pink 38-Specials. Light weight and the color of my belly.

I feel a little guilty because at one point, a Chicagoan sat down to shoot a sniper rifle. When we saw he was left handed, everyone jabbed him with a comment or two about being a leftie or south pawed.

As it grew quiet, I said, “You know, Nick, you’re going to hell.”

I sensed a little “Huh” moment from our Texan compadres, but no one responded verbally.

It’s no mystery that lefties are hell-bound. Just like me, apparently.

Of course, I am a confused liberal. I’m dimwitted and support unpopular views. Or something.

Tina took the above graffiti photo in a restaurant outside of Dallas. Love how it reflects accurately the oppositional views found in our southern states. You don’t find many people around here who do not accept evolution.

I’ll leave you with this: how do you confuse a conservative? You can’t. They’re cocksure they’re right.


Imagine you were born on the island of Bali in a little village on a rice farm. The likelihood that you would become a fervent Hindu is 99.9%. You would grow up, learn your parents’ craft and religious traditions. You would grow strong, get married and teach your children the same thing.

Imagine, instead, that you were born just a few miles to the east and west of Bali on one of the two neighboring islands on a rice farm. The likelihood that you would grow up as a Muslim is almost 100%. The cycle would continue through your children and theirs.

Imagine, if your egg were fertilized just a short plane ride to the north in Cambodia or Thailand. The likelihood that you would be Buddhist is high.

Imagine if you were born on the other side of the earth in America, you’d likely grow up in a Christian home.

Because all of your life, the religion that is prevalent where you were born is the one you assimilate. And that assimilation paints your view. And that view informs the way you debate topics like the origin of the universe or whether you agree with abortion or not.

But imagine again, you were born in any one of the Asian countries on a rice farm. And if you weren’t already doing so, imagine yourself as a little girl. Your family is poor. When you come within reach of your teen years, your father decides he can sell you to a brothel and get a bit of money to pay bills, buy food, and get by.

You, an almost teen, have no choice. You’re sold and you go to work somewhere that entertains wealthy businessmen in the large city of your island or country. There you learn to make a man feel like a man. You learn to fake enjoyment when you wrap your arms around men of all shapes. You learn to control your gag reflex when you taste their semen in your mouth.

You learn not to scream too loud when they rip your vaginal walls or when you’ve been fucked so many times you can’t even remember the man you were with before this one.

If you want me to imagine that the god of the bible, or the god of the koran, or the Buddha, or the deities of the hindu religion exist, you have to first explain to me the phenomenon of the ovarian lottery and how you, yes you, avoided getting fertilized a girl on a rice farm in South Asia, and the god, the Buddhas, or the gods didn’t intervene when the monsters came knocking at your door and entered through every opening they could find.

Is it really, by the luck of the draw or a divinely-guided universe that you were born where you were when you were and how you were?

Because if god is in control, and he guided the realistic scenarios above to happen, or let them happen, that, dear readers, is an atrocity.

I do not believe god exists, because if he did, he doesn’t deserve my worship. Or yours, for that matter.

If you do worship him, is it because you aren’t getting raped right now by a business man in Asia?

Imagine that.

George W. expands his direction and target audience

Regular reader, blogger and interim Le Café Witteveen rockstar George W. announced today that he’s opening up his blog to more topics, namely parenting.

George has, what, a zillion kids now. And surely having a zillion kids and living as an atheist has some kind of learning and teaching potential.

How many times did your parents, or some sitcom parents, say something like, “Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual.” Parents often take the generational memes of their parents and pass them along to their kids.

That’s most of the reason why Christian moms and pops raise their kids to become Christians. Muslims, Muslims. Hindus, Hindu.

It seems as natural as cats raising cats. Or giraffes raising giraffes.

Doesn’t it?

I know there’s some offensive syntax above that someone is going to get all Richard Dawkins on me about.

But most of us don’t have non-believing parents. And that idea of the Instruction Manual gets tougher with the absence of this huge part of lots of our upbringings.

I’ve given the idea of atheist parenting a lot of thought. And I would be proud to exchange bible verse memorization for poetry memorization. In fact, I would have bible lessons, and koran lessons. But we’d learn math, science, English, French, etc.

There wouldn’t be a limit put on what could be learned or taught.

But since my efforts for fertility have turned up dry, I like the idea of living vicariously through George.

So go get ’em, Gee Dub. We’ll all look forward to it.

In case you missed it, here’s the link for George’s blog.

America, home of the free now equipped with freedom of religion …

When good, loving Americans get together and stand behind an all-American business that pulls its advertising from a show featuring Muslims, we should all standup and give a warm round of applause to those who support such capitalistic strategies.

I mean, check out some of these awesome shows of love and admiration for America collected by Buzzfeed from Facebook.

Keep in mind that America is the land of the free, where you and your loved ones are free to worship (or not worship) whomever or whatever you please.

I’m personally fond of the one that reads, “Congratulations to Lowes for having the  guts to stand up for traditional Americans! Stick to your decision.”

And by “traditional Americans” he means Native Americans, I’m sure.

Thanks, Xina!

Be sure to check out the rest at Buzzfeed!





Oh horror! PolitiChicks … they produced another one!

Victoria Jackson says, “I don’t like lying.”

Hey conservatives and women, these people are representing you! Yes, you.

This validates the caricature we have of you.

Yes, you!


Yesterday’s quote of the day

Yesterday, a comment from lolahbf revealed exactly what many Christians I’ve spoken to have admitted to me verbally, but never written.

You see, lolahbf thought this was a Christian blog based on this post. My sarcasm duped him/her.

He/she wrote:

if I wasn’t born into a Christian family, I would have hardened my heart and never found God.

That’s the truth whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or crackhead.

If you weren’t born into a Christian family, you would NEVER find god, not the Christian god anyway. 

I thank lolahbf for responding to the post, because this person had the nerve to admit what many Christians think, but never say.