Just the stats, ma’am … just the stats

Our culture is mind boggling sometimes.

Tweet from @thinkprogress says:

FACT: There were more tweets per second following Tim Tebow’s game-winning touchdown pass (9,420) than Osama bin Laden’s death (5,106).

Wouldn’t you know that some liberal, fucking organization would find a “420” in the numbers and post it to their liberal twitter account.




Don’t drink the water

Reportedly, Mr. Osama bin Laden’s body was buried at sea. Someday, the waters he was buried in will rise up as vapor into the atmosphere. The vapors will collect and they will rain down in your town, and your local water reclamation cleaning system will convert it into drinking water.

One day you will drink some of the water that surrounded OBL dead body (with hole in skull), then you will pee him out and flush him down the toilet, in your own 9/11 revenge campaign.

Some of you … just some of you … may die with a little morsels of molecules from OBL circulating through your veins.

You will sleep better tonight knowing these things.

American vows to look like Osama Bin Laden until OBL was captured …

EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. – A teacher who vowed nearly 10 years ago not to cut his beard until Osama bin Laden was captured or proven dead said he cried Sunday night upon hearing of the terrorist’s death.

“I spent my first five minutes crying and then I couldn’t get it off fast enough,” said Gary Weddle, 50, who lives in East Wenatchee but teaches middle school science in Ephrata.

Weddle has wanted to cut his beard for years. His wife, Donita, has wanted him to cut it, too. But for Weddle a vow is a vow and so he hadn’t even trimmed it until Sunday night.

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From the Horse’s mouth: George W. Bush not concerned about bin Laden

This is just SIX MONTHS after 9/11. In response to a reporters question, President Bush tells the world that he is “truly not that concerned” with catching the man who murdered 3,000 Americans just six months and two days earlier because “we’ve marginalized him.”

Please note that he ALMOST says “I don’t know where he is, nor do I… (really care).” but catches himself in mid-sentence.

“He hides in caves while sending young people off to die.”

Via Cynical C

Scrapbooking Osama Bin Laden’s death

For no apparent reason, I thought I would collect a few screen captures, photos and headlines about last night’s big news.

It’s amazing that when Osama Bin Laden’s idiots attacked the U.S., a lot of social media didn’t exist, yet we were bombarded with information then. Now we’re bombarded upon bombardment. 



The internets are ablaze with information and non-information about Osama Bin Laden’s death. I have an incredibly vast amount of responses in my head about the whole thing. I started writing last night when I saw my facebook wall fill with a myriad of sentiments.

I decided my best response was no public response. At least not a kneejerk response last night.

On facebook, I am friends with a helluva lot of comics who are joking about it.

I am friends with a glut of Christians who hope Laden is burning in hell.

And I know cynics who are thrilled and congratulatory of our troops, and now they want war to end.

However, I heard no fat lady singing.

Bin Laden’s death does not bring peace in my mind, nor to the world.

And yet we continue to float through a ginormous galaxy in an incomparably huge universe on a miniature speck of dust. The sun nor the moon heard Bin Laden’s screams nor our celebration.