Perfectionism: it’s what’s for breakfast

I saw a quote recently that turned me on:

“No matter your profession, perfection isn’t achievable. Just look at The Beatles. They would leave flaws in their early recordings – like Paul’s voice cracking of John singing the wrong word – but those things made the end result magical. When today’s Auto-Tuned artists aim to be perfect, their songs lack that same richness. Pressuring employees to be perfect leads them to take desperate measures and cut corners. And it breeds mediocrity. If there’s an intolerance for accepting differences and flaws – and different ways of seeing, feeling, and operating – it suffocates the potential for innovation and creativity.”

– Marc Schoen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Now, don’t get all huffy and think I completely agree with this quote.

Perfection in art is one thing. Perfection in engineering, another.  Continue reading



I bought a couple things from Patagonia before coming here. And, man, I am so glad I did. The pants I bought are light, quick to dry, and they have nice pockets. It’s especially nice when I want to keep my passport nice and zipped up down by one of my knees.

Of course, now I’m on Patagonia’s mailing list and I got this email today with this image:


I almost shit my pants looking at the image. I got a little vertigo. Could you imagine? “Hey, honey, you didn’t want to snuggle tonight did you? It’d be too much work.”

If you’re that hardcore with your travels, you deserve a big trophy on your mantel that says, “I’m a bad mother fucker and I know it.”