Peeper Dee #171

Inkwon’s hair in the clouds by sunny lee

If you want to know what Peeper Dees are and how to submit, point your little mouse up there and click on the tab above. You’ll be so happy.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been titling sunny lee’s photos lately. She titles them on facebook, but never titled them here. So I started giving them titles, which tittled her tattle.

The above is the most esoteric of them all, as she wouldn’t know who the hell Inkwon is. He was this dude that my brother and I drove to high school for a couple years. He was Asian. I can’t remember where he was from. But his hair was always spiked and it smelled like the Smiths had sex with Nirvana and Pearl Jam stood by and watched.

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Peeper Dee #101

People have been submitting their Peeper Dees all day and I’ve been scrambling to throw together a DVD of a job I’ve been working on.

I’m finally getting that DVD out the door, so it’s time to post the PPDs of the day.

You can always add to this post or send one for tomorrow. Email here.


by tina louise

Golden Birdy in iPhone HDR by Jeremiah Bullfrog

curb by biodork

One World Trade Center by Luis V.

by sunny lee

Peeper Dee 97

Random man bellied up to the bar, by J-dub

I’m going to get the ball rolling for Peeper Dee 97. And while I took this shot last night, it was after midnight on the east coast, where Sunny Lee is.

Maybe thems not the rules … but [insert Clint Eastwood voice] I don’t play by no rules.

And if you’re not privy to why it’s called Peeper Dee, imagine saying it with an Irish Brogue. Where “Dee” is a funny pronunciation of “Day”. Funny unless you’re Irish. Then you think it’s not funny, and you’re made because other people are laughing at you.

It’s a goofy way of saying, Picture Per Day, or Pee Per Dee …

The pictures don’t have to be full-on DSLR or point and shoot. They can be iPhone or whatever image taking device is in your hands.

For the shot above, I saw the guy, turned on Hipstamatic, walked straight up to him and snapped it. Never met the guy before.

Get your Peeper Dees to me throughout the day and I’ll update as they come in.

metal chair by Old Fart

HipstaTower by Biodork

by Tina S

by Xina

by sunny lee