It’s Catordog!


Hey, it’s Talulah and her new pal Ryan. Ryan and Talulah both assisted on the shoot yesterday and we picked up this cool series of images after we wrapped.


ryanandlu2-2 ryanandlu2-3




Deflated weekend plans

Many of you remember I was gearing up for a fun and exciting weekend of golf, photography and running.

Two out of three of my activities were rained out. Friday an intense thunderstorm blew in right before I left for the golf course.

And this morning, we drove an hour to run the 5K. When we got there, it started lightning in the distance. Right at the 8 a.m. start time, it started lightning and thundering and the race organizers packed up the Dunkin’ Donut truck and sent everyone packing.

The doggie photoshoot went well though. We raised over $1300 for the cause. It was one of the most chaotic things I’ve ever done. If it weren’t for my buddy Bill, Tina and a shitload of patience, I could have easily found a bar knife ripped apart a few squeaky toys myself.

I don’t know an exact number of how many dogs we shot, but it was somewhere between 30 and one million.

The little girl above was our lighting model, and she was quite possibly, the best model we had all day!


Meet Lulu and Oliver.

Lulu is a four-month old Great Dane. You may have seen her once before. And Oliver is a one-year old Long-haired Chihuahua.

I’m honking your tonk.

Oliver is the ruber-band-i-est boxer I’ve ever met. He’s so sweet.

There are a lot of things I’m critical of about these shots. They didn’t turn out as well as Talulah’s last night. But they were okay.

Bon appétit.