How the tables have turned, Mr. Old Joke Stereotype

I saw the above Facebook update the other day and it made me laugh.

Guy says, “Jason is packing to leave for Warsaw, Poland for a week.”

First response from some girl: “Poland???? Wow, that will be very cool … how long you there”

Hate to break it to you Michelle, but Jason told us how long in his update.

And I thought girls didn’t listen. Now they don’t read either?

When I was growing up, the dumb people jokes were commonly Polack jokes.

That I’m aware of, I never met a Polack before I moved to Chicago, which is chockfull of Polacks. But that didn’t stop me from laughing at Polack jokes.

I mean, how do you get a one-armed Polack out of a tree?



One time I was driving with Tina and I accidentally blocked another car from pulling through an intersection while traffic was stopped in front of me. The girl in the other car opened her window and said, “Get out of the fucking way, you Polack!”

Tina will never let me live it down.