Dwayne Kennedy on President Obama at The Lincoln Lodge, Chicago

Dwayne Kennedy is a great talent. He’s from here in Chicago, but he’s been in L.A. for several years trying to make it work. He can make race issues the funniest thing in the world.

Lincoln Lodge is one of the oldest running underground comedy rooms in the city. Lots of times, national talent will get time there to work on material. If you’re ever in Chicago, put it on your itinerary.

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Let’s See, Where should I Put My Obama Bobble Head Now?

Obama rama’s speech last night was depressing. Although I wish there were more criticism for why there wasn’t more done during the previous presidency. And I wish there were more criticism of the Iraq effort that distracted us from our goals in Afghanistan. But those debts are stock piled and burning asunder on the foreheads of our imaginations.

If in fact the request for troops is coming from the highest powers of the armed forces, I would do my best to support war.

Yes, Obama and his administration played a little spoil the well trump card. It’s hard to demonize military effort when decisions are presented in front of our country’s future armed elite. It’s kind of like that time Bush made that victory speech May 1, 2003.

Michael Moore wrote a great open letter to the president. And while I think he’s batshit nuts, I couldn’t agree more with the majority of his letter. Here are some excerpted highlights. Read the entire thing here.

Hopefully whoever is driving the car with Obama’s bobble head bobbing around on its dashboard, will read this letter too, hear the fucking chorus of dissent and stop this madness.

Michael Moore Open Letter to President Bush excerpts below the fold:

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