May 21 rapture: Apocolypse WOW!

Let the Chinese explain Saturday’s rapture to you … Hell, let them explain the idea to you, and show you just how ridiculous it is if it were true.

Time to retire the idea of a second coming. It’s 2011.
Mark your calendar. Judgment Day is coming! According to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping, May 21st is the Day of the Rapture.

Are you ready? Camping’s followers are! They are closing out bank accounts, selling their homes and leaving their spouses.

On May 21, the Elect get called home to heaven. As for the Left Behind, well, sucks to be you! You can look forward to fire and brimstone for your remaining days on earth. Feel sorry for those heathens around the world. You get to suffer earthquake, floods and all sorts of calamities.

The world will finally come to an end five months later. Kind of makes you wonder, why is the world here in the first place?

Via Joe My God.