It’s Wednesdog!

Today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Talulah and her boyfriend Tivo. Tivo is a chocolate Doberman who has a special way of making Talulah do the puppy-dog dance of joy.

You should see the way they wrestle. It’s so cute. And then, when you thought they couldn’t get cuter, Talulah and Tivo will walk up to one another and kiss each other, smackdab on the mouth.

Tivo is Bill’s dog. And since our studio is a dedicated area of Bill’s apartment, we like to give Talulah an assistant credit by bringing her on set. While I’m throwing direction at a model, Tivo and Talulah occupy themselves with a wrestle fest.

This is a shot Tina took from the back door during a load out.

Happy Wednesdog!

It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s humping, sweet cheeks Wednesdog is brought to you by regular-reading dog lover Petursey and his sweet, sweet girl Molly.

Pete’s one of our many international readers who — if you didn’t know — has an eye and know-how for great photography and a penchant for keeping one of the cutest dogs ever.

I want to let Pete tell you the story of how he got Molly. It’s a great one:

The weird thing about Molly and me is that when I got her I never actually planned to get her. I’d made the appointment to go and see the breeder but was not sure about getting her as she was brindle ( I wanted a red Akita) and that she was the last puppy. When I got to the breeders I asked why she was the last pup and the breeder said there were two reasons…one that she’d been standoff-ish with everyone who came to see the other puppies and two the breeder wanted to keep her herself but her husband said No.. So she warned me not to expect much when she opened the doors….so I was prepared for a not very nice puppy. The breeder opened the door..Molly appeared saw me, looked in my eyes and flew across the room and onto my lap. Everyone looked on in shock and the breeders husband said ” Well someone made her choice it was like she had been waiting…I paid the money and came home with the best dog in the world… And the rest is history !

See! I told you it was great.

Don’t forget to brush between your canines today.

And hug a dog and hump a leg when you can!