Please accept Talulah into your heart

Proselytizing love for pit bulls isn’t my top priority. I do my best to spread the gospel of Pitbullism to all who will hear.

And I don’t just preach, when we’re on leash, Talulah and I walk the walk.


We adopted Talulah almost a year ago. She’s edging toward two years old, and she’s doing great. Her discipline level is high. When another dog approaches, she doesn’t run off to meet them. She’ll wait for other dogs to come to her. She’ll sniff, invite them to play and keep going.

Many of you know that Talulah is a Boxer/Pit bull mix. While everyone who knows anything about the pit bull breed understands that a healthy, disciplined pit is a loving, affectionate, gentle family pet, there are skeptics who fall for the pit bull stereotype that every pit will eat your face.

Talulah incredibly trainable, and she makes me proud to be her owner. Complete strangers compliment her often. They say she’s the perfect size, a great looking girl, and they often say she seems older because of her behavior and seems younger because she’s not that big.

Maybe she won’t eat your face. But the idea is that she’ll attack your child. Atheists and pit bulls carry the same ignorant stereotype … it’s that we both like to eat babies.

That stereotype is only true of Puerto Rican Atheists.

Bah dum pah.

We recently crossed a major milestone with very dear loved ones. Through their own research discovered what we knew to be true, and what we were unsuccessful at explaining. It’s that pit bulls are great with families and children.

Score one for Pitbullism!

Of course we would always strive to be responsible dog owners, because no dog is exempt from being a dog. No matter what the breed, any dog can snap. We wouldn’t use Talulah as a babysitter, just as we wouldn’t use a Chihuahua as one either.

We here at Le Café are always on the lookout to educate others. And while our annoyed, indignant behavior is often seen as assholery, we do it for your benefit.

Seriously, having Talulah in your heart is just like heaven. Won’t you ask her into yours today?

I have a few more thoughts below the fold.

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Consider this an apology

When I was a Christian, my frustration was getting lumped in with all the Christians who didn’t know the bible and who didn’t excel in education. You know, the idiot Christians who shared the same umbrella.

I didn’t want Westboro Baptists and holy roller types sharing the name “Christian” with me.

The more idiot Christians I met, the more apologies I had to make for what I considered a smart form of Christianity.

I hated sharing the title Christian with what I viewed as less than intelligent.

The more I researched non-Christianity, the more I felt at home. Atheism — at least in certain framework of thought — is for intelligent people with perspicacious goals.

But, holy hell, that doesn’t exempt the idiots from slipping through the door. When I visited the Creation “Museum” with PZ Myers, some of the kids Tina and I met were a confused bunch of adolescents. They jumped on the back of the atheism bandwagon and all they proved to do was drag their feet on the ground and make the rest of us have to whip the horses harder.

When you drag your feet through the dirt, you kick up a load of dust … which confuses those following our progress.

For the first time after joining the atheist camp, I second guessed the company that I chose to keep.

And I get it. I get that atheism is associated with Pol Pot, Stalin, etc. I get that Christians throw in Hitler, because how could a believer behave like he did? Somehow I’m unaffected by sharing the atheism title with these guys. It’s atheistic cognitive dissonance I guess.

Whatever, I also get to associate myself with all the babies that are ever born. And babies are cute … so I have that working for me. But they’re dumb, and they are taught all kinds of rubbish.

Then you have the case of John Loftus, and his inability to represent atheists well in debate. He embarrassed us even more by claiming he “won” his debate versus Dinesh D’Souza. After blaming his audience for loss, many supporters ran from him screaming with their hands in the air.

Now after the conversation I’ve been having with a self-described “apostate” over homosexuality, it’s becoming abundantly clear that I should issue an apology for the collective individuals who call themselves skeptical without the faintest clue what it takes to represent the lot of us.

We shouldn’t ignorantly misrepresent the atheist stand and allow hackneyed wannabes claim the atheist moniker  just because they find it neat to be in the in-group.

I didn’t want subverted ignorance on my team when I thought I was a Christian. And now — more than ever — I don’t want misinformed babies spouting rubbish on my team either.

I know … I’m pulling a Jesus. You’re all welcome to join atheism, just don’t make it hell for the rest of us.

I’ll share my umbrella for now, but get up to speed, all you promoters of disbelief. You drag us down, but don’t forget, we’re the critics. And not only should we criticize belief and ignorance within it. We will criticize our own.

And we will not tolerate a bar that is set lower just because you can’t reach up and grab it.


Apropos to the conversation

PZ Myers posted an email he received from a former Liberty University student. The part I wanted to republish is apropos to the conversation I referenced in the last post.

The writer says:

When I first found your blog site Pharyngula, I was deeply outraged and if I am being honest, offended. At that point I was a Christian, on a path leaving many preconceptions behind me. It was in turn, a part of your witty humour and cynicism that made me abandon by “Young Earth/Intelligent Design” notions I learned from the year I spent at Liberty University (a mistake of schools, if I can even call it that) It was also because many scientists challenged me to think about the world around me, and question the things I thought I knew. This led me to do research and I finally understood evolution. I will refrain from saying “believe in evolution” for believing in evolution is just as redundant as saying believing in gravity. I understand what the Theory of Evolution states and therefore my appreciation for biological science has increased tremendously.


PZ Myers vs. The Islamic Psychobabblers

PZ Myers posted the above video of himself cornered by some Muslim men wanting to have a conversation with a well-known atheist. The Three Amigos would say an “infamous” atheist. He’s not just famous … he’s in famous.

The Muslim men in this video aren’t “idiots.” I mean, within their own understanding of intelligence, they come off as, well, somewhat intelligent. This isn’t uncommon among the religious. I know lots of intelligent believers. Just like I come off wrong in whatever display of intelligence I have to them, they come off wrong to me.

But what comes off as stupid is how they corner PZ Myers with an agenda and a camera, and when PZ Myers responds, they cut him off with machine-gun style psychobabble.

What is psychobabble? Psychobabble is what William Lane Craig does. It’s what a lot of believers do when the troll-off on this blog. It’s talk without cause, empty of solid rationale and easily poked with holes.

There are points along the way that the  psychobabble from the Muslim men in the video avove leads us listeners into questioning their credibility. When PZ says that he’ll start talking and predicts that when he starts an argument the guy will interrupt him. The muslim man does it immediately as predicted. When PZ Myers says that you spout the same thing as Christians and Jews, the Muslim man says, “No we don’t. We’re not Jewish or Christian,” and then he goes into the same arguments that all of them use.

When the discussion of a flood story comes up, one of the Muslim men denies it’s in the Qur’an, when apparently it is in the Qur’an.

I guess we can’t all be as perfect as PZ Myers.


I recommend watching the video, though. It’s a fascinating watch. You might click on it thinking, “Over 30 minutes, I’ll watch parts.” But then you get sucked in.

It bothers me that we never get to see the faces of the Muslim men until closer to the end when they talk to Dick “Redmeat” Dawkins.

But whatevs … give it a whirl.

Monday Evening Reading List

I haven’t done a reading list in a while. So here’s one now. So stop bitching.

  • One dog lover goes leaps and bounds to save his K9 buddy. It’s a heart-warming story. Read here.
  • God gives batshit-crazy Michele Bachman the greenlight to run for Prez. I’m still waiting for him to find my keys.
  • Video turns up of 13-year-old Syrian boy. Video shows that he was tortured brutally — bruised and battered body and face, knees broken, and he was possibly castrated. Read here.
  • A 32-year-old Saudi woman named Manal al-Sharif was arrested after driving after the ban on female drivers. She has been released from prison in Dammam after signing a statement that she will no longer drive nor encourage other women woman to follow her lead.
  • Creationists are planning to attend PZ Myers upcoming speech in Glasgow. They are ready to ask him some tough questions. Funny thing is, he can’t wait! And it’s no wonder. “Intelligent” design advocates are so dumb, one of their questions is, “How many peer-reviewed papers have you published since setting up your blog, Pharyngula? We think the number’s zero, but it would be nice to get confirmation of this.” Disaster is what those morons are setting themselves up for.
  • Joe.My.God posts his weekly review of “This Week in Holy Crimes.” You should read it. 
  • Sam Harris is still mulling over his post-mortem notes from his debate with William Lane Craig. He wrote an editorial that’s actually a good read in HuffPo. I think he still has some fleshing out to do, but the general ideas are there.
  • I’ve been reading Jon Ronson’s “The Psychopath Test: A Journey through the Madness Industry.” So far, so good. Anyone have any book recommendations?

Above image from Reddit.

Geeky, pretty atheists vs. Sexism :: May the nerdiest hypocrite win!

Click to enlarge: L to R: David Eller, Cristina Rad, Laci Green, and Jen McCreight

Apparently a male atheist made a sexist comment, and a top-ranking female atheist called him out on it. Read here for the female version of the story.

The female in question is Blag Hag Jen McQuake; I mean, McCreight.

PZ Myers commented on it here.

I love me some good atheist irony.

Oddly enough, the vocal, female atheist is the same one who started Boob Quake, a day set aside to anger the gods into causing an earthquake by doing a G-rated, nationally recognized version of Mardi Gras.

So a female geek wants to show her tits cleavage to gain national notoriety, and she wants to be fully respected when she lambasts a dude for being sexist.

I get it.

No, seriously. I really do.

I am all eye contact, McCreight, every time I look at your boob quake photos.

Yes, yes, McCreight makes a great point:

With photos of popular atheist videobloggers Laci Green and Cristina Rad (ZOMGitsCriss) on the screen, [David Eller] quipped that it was so helpful that they’re “pretty” and that we have a “pretty blonde Romanian” on our side. Without any mention of their intellect, wit, or content.

In front of a big group of atheists at a conference, Sexist/Chauvinist/Jerky McJerk Wad David Eller pointed out the benefits of having a hot Romanian Cristina Rad aka ZOMGitsCriss giving atheists a pretty face. And then McCreight took a stand against sexism.

Whoopdeefucking doo.

Sure. I’ll say it. Shame on Eller. He should have pointed out the intellectual fortitude of Laci and Criss. I’m sure he didn’t mean to piss people off and he didn’t mean to get called out for it.

Surely Laci and Criss are only using their wit to gain notoriety. Isn’t it obvious?

Nothing says respect my wit when you hold a dildo next to your head and write, “Vibrator FTW LOL.”

It’s the first thing I do when I go into a new client interview.

Laci Green and Cristina Rad exploit their beauty as part of the package, no matter how intelligent they are. Or maybe, that’s how intelligent they are. Just like McCreight rightly used sexuality to boost her into atheist stardom.

It seems that it would make sense if McQuake made sure she’s cleansed of unrighteousness before she gets bent out of shape.

I can’t stand Cristina Rad’s videos. I get 30 seconds in and I yawn. She might be pretty, but I can’t see through the shitty production values, and the awful attempts at cutting to different, filtered video of herself in different poses. I get stuck on her accent sometimes, too. It’s a little gritty and harsh for my taste. Her videos are borderline ridiculous. And Laci’s videos are overtly sexual, too. For fuck’s sake, she’s doing a sex advice series now. When did she turn 80? (For the record, shouldn’t sex advice come from women like Dr. Ruth and Dr. Sue Johanson and not a little 12-year old holding up a vibrator?

To be fair,  I don’t like Pat Condell‘s videos either, and it’s because he’s too sexy in them.


My point is that McCreight used a stereotypical sexual maneuver to gain notoriety, and now she’s bitching about a comment about a pretty face among us.

In the real world, that’s called jealousy dressed up in rationalist’s clothing.

Boobs are an archetype of sexuality, fecundity, and sustenance. They are broadcast as beautiful, and trivially censored within the American framework of puritanism.

Showing one’s breasts is an anthropological attempted at expressing sexuality, beauty, or “prettiness.” So if you don’t want to be seen as arm candy, don’t use sexuality to get your name in lights.

For real, we are just as dumb sometimes as anyone we point our fingers at.

I’m glad we have Jen McCreight. She’s doing great things. But certainly someone has to see the irony here.


Ken Ham whines about homeschooling

From Ken Ham’s silly, silly blog:

If, as we say at Answers in Genesis (and we truly believe), the teaching of billions of years and evolution directly undermines the authority of God’s Word, then sadly, homeschool conferences are rife with such material at various vendor booths. There are also a number of books that portray Noah’s Ark as a child-like, fairy-tale “bathtub ark.” Additionally, many books use the word “story” for accounts in the Bible. The trouble these days is that the word “story” is usually taken to mean “not true” or “make-believe” or “fable,” so we discourage the use of the word “story” when talking about the Bible’s accounts of history.


Apropos to the last Pope Mohammed short … William Lane Craig is an asshole

I was catching up on twitter this morning in bed, and I saw this post from PZ Myers about William Lane Craig‘s brilliant take on the immorality of the bible.

I feel like a prophet to have published “Pope Mohammed and the Quiz” a full day before PZ’s post was published.

I shall call myself Le Grand Prophète Witteveen.

In Craig’s own words (read ’em here), he explains that killing babies is doing them a favor. It gets them to heaven faster! Sadly, he doesn’t discuss abortion, but he makes it sort of clear that Christians should support abortion.

Craig says we should feel badly for the poor soldiers who were instructed by god to murder unarmed women protecting their crying babies.

William Lane Craig is an asshole.

You should pay particular attention to Craig’s verbal aerobics. Or in Greta Christina’s words, he’s a verbal contortionist. The man is a genius for his cause, and if I were a follower of Christ, I’d place him on the pedestal he belongs on … in a murky waters of a backed-up toilet.

And this is why secular, humanistic, reality-based morality is clearly superior to religious, monster-in-the-sky, supernatural morality.

From where do I get morality? Thankfully not from people who think like William Lane Craig.

In case you missed it

Newt Gingrich
Image via Wikipedia

This is a good little read and a great reminder read: Why is PZ Myers [and the rest of us liberal, non-believers] considered an amoral,  family-hating monster and Newt Gingrich isn’t? Myers has been faithfully with the same woman for 31 years.

Read PZ’s plight and explanation here.

Celebrating the dark atheist overlord’s birthday with traditional fare

Apparently it’s PZ Myers’ glorious birthday today. It’s a reason to celebrate, which is all I need to crack open a few cold ones and get loosey gooesy with all my humanist friends.

We’re doing what we usually do on our lord and savior’s birthday … exchanging presents, cracking on creationism, drinking loads of wine, and we’re roasting a 22 lb baby.

I kid!

We drink Tiger Blood!

We all know that PZ is close to 4.5 billion years old, so Christians can also celebrate this fantastic day. Surely this day marks one day closer to PZ’s death, thus eliminating that atrocity of atheistic behavior and science propagandist that you all hate so much.

So while millions of foreheads get smeared today, you’ll find me smashed in a gutter with a full belly later this evening.

Woo woo!