Weezer covers Paranoid Android

My brother sent me this recently. It’s Weezer covering Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.

I’m a big Radiohead fan, and a somewhat good fan of Weezer. I mean, I owned the Rentals CD even though I only listened to it a couple times.

So depending on your love of either, this could sound pretty cool or pretty shitty. It’s cool to hear the vocals from someone you can actually understand. But it’s also a little annoying. Musically, it’s astonishingly spot on.


I was really excited about this album this morning, and now I’m pissed off. I downloaded the album which is set to download automatically to my main drive. My main drive does not store my iTunes music folder.

But there’s a piracy mechanism in the files that won’t allow me to move the fucking music to my iTunes folder.

I’m really pissed off, Radiohead.