Fourth of July weekend continued … thank goodness!

On Saturday night, Bill texted and asked, “What are you up to tonight?”

I wrote back:

Just finished watching an exciting holland vs Costa Rica game. Now I’m making a mango salsa and will grill tuna, peaches, figs, and artichokes for an amazing meal. Maybe a movie after. How bout you?

His response should have been: “You’re an asshole.”

He did write, “How do I top that?”

I LOVE to cook. And Saturdays tend to be “splurge” meals and also experimental. And he asked.

Although, there was a little bit of a deflated-fart moment when the propane from the grill ran out and I had to pan-sear the tuna.

Here’s a couple highlights from Saturday evening.












Cooking for two: Smoky Southwestern Chili with Chipotle, Black Beans and Corn

Last night, I made a recipe for Smoky Southwestern Chili with Chipotle, Black Beans and Corn based on the America’s Test Kitchen book Cooking for Two. I’ve altered my recipe slightly as I add more seasoning and much more chipotle pepper.

It’s well worth making. And you can even make it for more people if you double or triple the recipe.

How to below the fold:

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Dinner blog: Quick Beef Wellington

And you thought I forgot that this was “Le Café” Witteveen.

This was our dinner on Monday night, a recipe I found in America’s Test Kitchen 30-Minute Suppers from 2010. It’s the Quick Beef Wellington.

It’s something I wanted to make for what feels like years. And I finally convinced Tina to try it.

The recipe seems like it would be disgusting. There’s pâté (not silly pâté like that old SNL commercial. Real pâté). And the beef is deli roast beef. How can this be good?

Well, it’s good because ATK is badass.

The recipe is below the fold. And if you make it, be sure to check in and let me know how it turned out.

Bon Appétit!

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