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More often than not, you see photography that makes you yawn at best.

I know I’m guilty of getting all masturbatory and self congratulatory about my work only to wonder if others are all wide mouthed yawners with no interest or care.

But this work from near Chicago, fine art photographer Kyle Thompson will blow you away.

I’ll let his images be the thousand plus words. Go here to read an article. Here for his facebook.



What the kids are up to

As many of you know, I have an on-going series in which I post what those annoying atheists over at reddit.com/r/atheism are posting. I call the series, “What the kids are posting.”

But this is a twist called, “What the kids are up to.”

Instead of their offensive graphics and jokes, here’s a story that regular-reader Paul just sent me that you need to check out. I’ll post some of the story below. Read the rest here.

Disbelief has never been so evil.

Irreverent atheists crowdsource charitable giving

(Reuters) – Atheist bloggers have shown their charitable side by swarming to donate money to Doctors Without Borders, in what turned into the humanitarian agency’s biggest online fundraiser.

Doctors without Borders (DWB), also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, gets about 4,000 hits on its U.S. website on an average Sunday. Last Sunday that number ballooned to 50,000 as a horde of redditors, subscribers to the social media site reddit.com, thundered across the DWB homepage.

Thousands more clicked through from the atheism sub-reddit, a site normally given over to finding holes in religions and picking fights with creationists, and headed for a dedicated site at firstgiving.com, where they have so far given $180,000.

“It’s amazing, what’s going on. The amount being raised is amazing, definitely,” said Natalie Favre, an MSF spokeswoman in Geneva. “We don’t control any of this.”

Many donations were tagged with messages such as “Because god won’t,” “Good without god” or even “Good without Zeus.”

“I WAS gonna buy some Taco Bell… but screw it,” wrote DJW3NCH, who donated $5.00 via firstgiving.com.

Thanks, Paul!


I meant to include that this probably won’t change the public perception of atheists as worse than rapists, that regular-reader Xina reminded me of recently via Twitter.

Read here.

What the kids are posting

Oh those kids at reddit.com/r/atheism are so mean and angry. Check out the latest in their EXTREME H8 campaign:


Graphic of slaves chained up and two men holding hands says, “Morality? Guess which one the bible’s okay with.” 


Man holding a sign (we can quote the bible too): A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed. Deuteronomy 22:13-21)



Image of man putting crying baby in an oven says, “Scumbag atheist: Agrees to watch your baby so he can eat it.” 


Skeptic Carl Sagan asked the Dalai Lama what would he do if a fundamental tentt of his religion (reincarnation) were definitily disproved by science. The Dalai Lama answered; if science can disprove reincarnation, Tibetan Buddhism would abandon reincarnation … but it’s going to be mighty hard to disprove reincarnation.” 

Graphic of two dinosaurs one is reaching for the forbidden fruit or an apple says, “Creatiolution: There, problem solve, argument over.”

Stephen Colbert sings the hits

Colbert says, “If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that he commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”

Via Reddit

To the point, I have spoken to Christians who realize they do not live up to Christ’s teachings. Many hide behind the “all have sinned” clause and forget that Jesus spoke of transformation. My Christian upbringing taught me that inviting Jesus into my heart equaled some kind of supernatural change.

It’s simply not true.

Most people want to do good things. The difference between Christians and non is that non-Christians blame ourselves for our shortcomings. Christians blame the devil and construct other scapegoats to hide behind. Or you have this prevalent idea that I will post below the fold that someone posted on my facebook wall yesterday.

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Everyone loves funny images!

Here’s a collection of funny images. It kills me that I can’t share all the images I see on the Internet all the time. I tend to build up a little file of them on my desktop. So these are from various sites including The Daily What, I have seen the whole of the Internet, and Reddit. There’s a newish “Asshole Jesus” that some of you express great love and anticipation for.


Thom Hartmann: Atheists vs. Rick Perry over Christian prayer

This video is a “must watch”, because I feel like I just had this conversation recently. I feel like I was arguing from Thom Hartmann’s position, and the person I was arguing with was speaking from Dr. Carol Swain’s. In my mind’s eye, I feel like it was my conversation verbatim.

The only difference is that I am an atheist, and Hartmann is a Christian.

One of the BEST things my education at a conservative, evangelical Christian school taught me was exactly what Hartmann’s advocating. It’s that government should keep its paws out of promoting one religion over another. That there is a separation of church and state, and it’s for a good reason.

When did the evangelicals change their message? And what moron voted Swain into that seat as a representative of the evangelical position?

I can say, with trepidation, that if Christianity were more unified in its goals, that maybe a religious majority would have a better chance of being better heard in the public sphere. But since it is splintered and tattered, evangelicals have hurt their chances of getting their message out there in tact, based entirely on the idea that they have a broken message.

To be clear, Hartmann is the voice of great reason. He is speaking rationally, intelligently and outsmarting Swain by a HUGE margin. Hartmann deserves our accolades, and I could only hope that more Christians would follow his lead, instead of bumbling behind the idiocy that Swain is promoting.

I liked what redditor unfinite says in the comments at Reddit:

He should have played the race card. Replace anything she said about atheists with “blacks” and she would have had a shitfit.

“America was founded as a white nation with Judeo-Christian values such as slavery, and we’ve gotten away from those principals because of the blacks.”

“Up until the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s we had racial discrimination in school, and it was a black that got rid of that. And since the 1960’s our country has been in decline.”

“I think that the blacks have really hurt our nation. The overwhelming majority of Americans are whites. The blacks are a small minority making trouble.”

“America needs to change course. We’re following the wrong path, and a lot of it is coming from the blacks. They are leading us down the wrong path.”

“Whites are the only ones in America under siege. The blacks are everywhere. They’re trying to use our water fountains, sit in our bus seats. They’re been there for 50-60 years and all of a sudden the blacks are so concerned about them.”

Via Reddit

Virginia DMV Revokes World’s Greatest License Plate

Last week, I saw the license plate in the image below. I thought it was funny, and I had it set aside to post here.

Then this morning, I was reading over at Gizmodo, and damn if it’s not a controversy.

Click the image below to embig-a-fy.