Ex-Louisiana pastor hunkers down in the Yeshua Fog™ and rides the storm

From this Daily Beast article, “Atheist Ex-Pastor Jerry DeWitt’s Mission to Red America:”

But far away from the hype cycle of social media and the cultural freedom of metropolitan America, a former Louisiana pastor is struggling with a similar project deep in the small towns of the evangelical South. On June 23, Jerry DeWitt led the first service of the Community Mission Chapel in Lake Charles, Louisiana—a product of his own painful journey from beloved local pastor to abandoned outcast. His decision to stay in a hostile rural environment sets him apart from most other clergy members who embrace atheism—and from the burgeoning atheist church movement.

“Everyone else who did what I did left where they lived,” DeWitt said, referring to other Christian pastors he’s met who took public positions of atheism. “Someone had to stop that. Someone had to be the first not to move, so that the next person doesn’t have to move.”

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A whooper of a tip for all you homosexual waiters out there

Ever feel greedy and want to tear down your waiter while keeping that 18 to 20% tip lodged in your wallet? Well this is what you can write, verbatim, on the back of your next bill when the waiter seems to be homosexual!

“Thank you for your service, it was excellent. That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to GOD. (Homosexual slur) do not share in the wealth of GOD, and you will not share in ours,” the customer wrote. “We hope you will see the tip your (homosexual slur) choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly. It is never too late for GOD’s love, but none shall be spared for (homosexual slur). May GOD have mercy on you.”

If this is love, baby, you can keep it.

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Rachel Held Evans sings the good, goddamn gluttonous hits

There’s a believing blogger named Rachel Held Evans, and man, do I like her.

Imagine that.

You know what she did? She went and wrote a really great piece about biblical literalism. And if you have a few minutes, here’s the link.

Here’s a snippet:

[E]verything changes when it’s your brother or sister who gets divorced, when it’s your son or daughter who is gay, when it’s your best friend who struggles with addiction, when it’s your husband or wife asking some good questions about Christianity you never thought about before.


Let’s break this down a bit

Okay, so Freedom From Religion Foundation doesn’t have the best reputation with the FOX Newsers.

I get it. You get it.

The group, led by David Silverman, ask that public property offers equal space for a verity of religious or non-religious beliefs.

The conversation is a tough one, I’m sure.

Both parties feel they are protecting their cause.

But listen to the conversation itself. Even if you can’t understand what they’re talking about. Just listen to the rhythms and flows. Listen to it for the sarcasm and the malice.

I’ve had this type of conversation a lot. You know, you’re trying to stay reasoned and the other person is either laughing or hiding behind interruption.

I’ve been to counseling, and I’ve been to couple’s counseling. I strongly recommend both.

One of the beneficial aspect of couple’s counseling is learning validation and listening. I know too many people who don’t listen. They interrupt. They spend more time coming up with something similar from their own lives and not coming up with another question to make the speaker feel important and listened to.

When people don’t confirm others thoughts and conversations (i.e. blurt in stories, don’t ask for more clarification, don’t respond with a synopsis of what the other is trying to say), I shut down. I get bored. I turn off. What’s the point of talking if your “listener” is always talking over you?

What’s the point of conversation if someone laughs, scoffs, or responds with anything other than a headshake and at least the appearance of lingering on every word?

These hosts on these shows are other people’s role models.

And it’s no wonder the conversation turns to shouting.

How pathetic.


This is the real reason that we must save the children! … Chances are it’s too late.


“Rock ‘n’ Roll is the Devil’s Music! BEWARE. The hypnotic voodoo rhythm, a reckless dance down the Devil’s road of sin and self-destruction, leading you to eternal damnation in the fiery depths of hell!” 

When you’re roasting in hell and rubbing aloe superfluously on your burns, you can think about not heeding this simple advice.

You sinner!

Via Christian Nightmares. 



Good bless you. And good also be with you.

This editorial called Good minus God by Louise M. Anthony is a good read. I’ll whet your whistle with her opening lines, and let you get on with the rest:

I was heartened to learn recently that atheists are no longer the most reviled group in the United States: according to the political scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell, we’ve been overtaken by the Tea Party.  But even as I was high-fiving my fellow apostates (“We’re number two!  We’re number two!”), I was wondering anew: why do so many people dislike atheists?

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Mitt Romney shows how nuts he is and then how human he is in one fell clip

So there’s the clip above, and you should watch it.

It shows you how nutballs the Mormon faith is. And it’s amazing to me that I come from a home where Mormonism was the bottom of the barrel in terms of religions.

And between Mormonism and Democrats, Mormonism is more warmly received.

So when I go home during this holiday season, my parents would rather share their time with a Mormon than a liberal — a person who wants people to be treated fairly, equally and like Jesus would treat them.

Republicans are voting for a person who thinks Jesus descended on Missouri — the NEW!!! Jerusalem — than a person who advocates science and human welfare.

That’s how it is. I just need to accept it.

Billy Fucking Graham would rather remove Mormonism defined as a cult on his web site than have the liberal — who sides with Christianity — get back into office for another four years.

This world is messed up.

There is division in this country, and I can’t help but point in one direction as to who is culpable for pushing the divide.

Answer me this, believers, when Romney advocates siding with Jerusalem, does he mean the Missouri one or the one in the middle east?

Just so we are all clear, don’t ask Romney about his religion. Don’t ask him about his taxes. Don’t ask him about his plan to reduce taxes. And definitely don’t ask him about FEMA.

What do we talk about when we sit down for dinner?

Sandy brings us three steps closer to the apocalypse!

The above photo was taken at Avenue C on the lower East side in Manhattan. Wow, right?

See the original on Instagram here.

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the Internets with great curiosity as Sandy unfolded its powerful arms and unleashed the giant storm onto the northeast.

As she used her fire-hose powered water cannons protruding from her mile-wide nipples and sprayed water and winds over the northeast.

I’m no bible scholar, but I get the feeling — from an ignorant reading of biblical text — that the apocalyptic end of the world is coming soon.

Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every week. 

Every month.

Every year.

Every two years.

Every decade.

Every … shit … what comes between decade and millennia?

Centurion ski boats?

All I know is, the more time that passes between Jesus’s promise and a cataclysmic storm like Sandy … excuse me … a providentially-predicted storm like Sandy … we get closer to the almighty return.

We don’t know the hour. We don’t know the place.

But we do know that “this generation” — this one right now! — will not pass before Jesus returns.

Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it[d] is near, right at the door. 30 Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. 31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Keep in mind, it might be the next generation, just in case this one passes and the next one starts.

But be ready!

It’s coming. And perfectly natural disasters are ushering us closer and closer to the pending apocalypse.

By the way, I am not relieved that Cindy Jacob’s prayers were unanswered.

That means only one thing.

We are alone.

While Jesus is trying to beat Ba’al’s Angry Birds score.





Image via JMG

Eastwooding Richard Dawkins

I’m not posting this one for you. I’m posting it for me. I’m selfish like that.

It’s a video of the greatest Christian apologist to ever debate as he takes on a chair. Mr. Doctor. William … Lane … CRAIG!!!

And that chair represents Richard Dawkins.

As William Lane Craig proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, he can prove the existence of Richard Dawkins as he sat on stage with him in the video above, just not in person, but in deified spirit.

Who else would believe that someone who isn’t there … is there … unless they already had a foundation of believing in something or someone who wasn’t there.

So don’t watch this video.

I have to post it here, so I can remember to watch it later.