If you show one side of the all mighty, shouldn’t you show the other?

There’s a video from a religious singer named Chris Tomlin called “How Great is our God.”

Apparently it’s all the rage in churches and praise services everywhere. In the video, there is beautiful photography, ostensibly showing God’s grandeur in nature.

But showing that is a bit beguiling, as nature has many dimensions.

Here’s the video recut with just as appropriate footage.

Thanks, zqtx!


Yahweh’s grace and mercy are free. Just send $1000 for it, and it’s yours … ABSOLUTELY FREE

The inspired instruction of god is to send these poor, poor religious leaders your hard-earned money.

And they will use it to further the kingdom.

Did you know that, The kingdom of god has a number system … science finally caught up with god’s advanced mind. With your gift, his Will will finally open up to you.

Without $1000, god will pass you over, and he’ll let the devil get his filthy hands on you, your children and your children’s children.

So send your money.

God’s love and grace are free. Please send your money to receive it.

Prayer, the *oldest* form of wireless communication?

This one is going around.

“Oldest form of wireless communication. Never a dropped call.”





Okay, I get it. From the Christian perspective, god created man the same time he created animals. But did Adam and Even pray to God in the garden of Eden or did they just open their mouths and speak Hebrew? You know they spoke Hebrew, right?

Did Adam and Eve pray to each other? Or did they grunt and point?

There are other languages that predate Hebrew, but that’s what the bible was written in, so they spoke it.

And there is never a dropped call?

Wait, what?

I remember getting put on hold one too many fucking times.

I happen to know a load of people are praying for yours truly, and that call is getting dropped like AT&T in Afghanistan.

Contrary to most atheist thought, prayer isn’t a complete waste of time. Prayer is a time to connect with the self and discover the things that you need, want and hope for.

Thinking it’s effective or that a being hears prayers and is doing something about it, absolutely not.

Do me a favor and don’t pray for me. Pick up the phone and call me. Find out how I’m doing. Do it for everyone on your prayer list.

You’ll get much better results.

I swear.

Yesterday’s quote of the day

Yesterday, a comment from lolahbf revealed exactly what many Christians I’ve spoken to have admitted to me verbally, but never written.

You see, lolahbf thought this was a Christian blog based on this post. My sarcasm duped him/her.

He/she wrote:

if I wasn’t born into a Christian family, I would have hardened my heart and never found God.

That’s the truth whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Hindu, Muslim, or crackhead.

If you weren’t born into a Christian family, you would NEVER find god, not the Christian god anyway. 

I thank lolahbf for responding to the post, because this person had the nerve to admit what many Christians think, but never say.



Julie Ferwerda sings the hits

Over at Facebook, resident believer and promoter of a sort of academic approach to belief Julie Ferwerda posted an update in which she says that — after researching Islam — she gets why people become atheists.

Mind you, she isn’t giving up on God or her faith. Over the past couple years, Julie is changing the way she looks at religion, and the way it has been manipulated by human hands throughout history.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with Julie on her stand for belief. Whether you call it religion or faith or promotion of god, Jesus, the holy spirit, whatever, I don’t find any good reason to believe in deities.

What I agree with her on is the idea that as she’s researching. Through this research, she’s becoming more empathetic to other ideas, ones that stand to challenge hers to their core.

Many Christians don’t do what Julie does. Many Christians claim not to understand one iota of atheism. Or if they do, they claim they were atheist once, and they designate themselves the messengers of fear to the rest of the group.

“Don’t be an atheist. I was, and it SUCKS!!!” 

This will be a crass metaphor, but for many Christians to claim they were once atheist is the equivalent of a heterosexual claiming they were a homosexual without actually sealing the deal with a sexual encounter. Someone maybe thought through some ideas of what it might be like to kiss a member of the same sex. They might have dillydallied on a gay porn site.

But to take the dive into atheism and then resurface as a bettered Christian … bollocks.

Atheism doesn’t require you to stay an atheist. We have no exit gauntlet. There’s no penalty. But to really question makes resurrections and deities extremely difficult to come back to.

I find a connection with Julie. I see her updates on Facebook, and I appreciate the updates that often challenge her base of believing friends.

When I saw her update, I wrote:

Try wiping the sinister grin off my face.


It wasn’t to say, “Ha! You’re on the road to atheism.” It was to say, “I followed this path, and I appreciate your openness about it, and appreciate you spreading that message.”

When I was searching and researching, I found little to no help in my friends and family. No one I knew dared go the lengths that I was going to ask the questions I was asking. When I grazed the surface during conversations with my dad, close friends or my brother, they’d never heard of half the books I was reading.

They were often offended.

They made it feel like a pejorative to question.

I’m still a chicken to write and post to Facebook my thoughts on life. That’s what this blog is for.

And frankly, I have better conversations now with those same loved ones, since I started the blog and they read it, than I ever did before. That’s the power of communication, the power of expressing vulnerabilities, and the power that our conversations might reach the blog have on people.

I hope Julie sees my response and this blog post as more of an encouragement. I want others to be encouraged by her brazen efforts to challenge her long-held position on belief.

I don’t care about proselytization for atheism. Atheism is a hated community. In some regards, it’d be much easier if I didn’t call myself one. Agnostic would probably make many of my loved ones more comfortable. Hell, loved ones would prefer liberal Christianity, I’m sure.

Appearance of ignorance

There’s one more thing that Julie said that struck me. She said that the atheists she knows must look at her, read her, or hear her and think she’s ignorant for some of the things she says. And while atheists bitch and moan about statements from ignorance, I have to say, the idea that Julie made that statement, separates her from 99.999999123421% of believers.

Keep up the good work, JF.

I hope more people follow your lead.


Joy Behar – Jay Bakker On Homosexuality, Religion & Politics

Before I left the fold completely, Jay Bakker’s mindset above is about where I was. The way I was interpreting belief and Christianity was an all-inclusive, treasure trove of openness and positive thinking.

Jay Bakker is a strong candidate for a sort of Jesus following that is commendable.

Bakker promotes agreeing with science. He sees faith as too strongly influencing public lives in politics. He disagrees that homosexuality is a sin.

Everything in the bible doesn’t have to be literal for him to believe that god exists, and that Jesus loves him and everybody. Did you ever watch that reality show about Jay Bakker’s life? That was after I left belief. There was a “private” conversation he had with his dad that was painful for me to hear. Jimmy Bakker was saying that he wishes he could preach the message that Jay preached, but he couldn’t because of acceptance.

Jimmy Bakker’s audience is too old school to accept new thought. Jimmy wanted to teach acceptance, but through tears (surprise) he said, “I can’t.”

Jay Bakker’s message is acceptance. It’s what I think/thought Jesus stood for, before I threw up my hands and said, “Fuck it. No one else thinks like this.”

I was told many times, “It all has to be true or none of it is.”

Perhaps not finding a church that agreed with me caused me to push my disbelief too far out the door. I’ll never know.

It’s as if “Faith” had a chance if she acted more like Jay Bakker’s form of Faith.

All that said, I gotta give props to Jay for getting out there and spreading a positive message in the face of so many people and pastors whom I disagree with.


Oh yeah, I had that problem once too

This reporter reports the facts, nothing but the facts, so help her pussy … I mean, so help her god. I mean, just god, not her god. I mean, god’s not just, but he’s a big puss. No wait.

He’s a sourpuss and this reporter gives great head.


I meant, the Christian pussy god gives good … Damn, I mean, god, no pussy.

Oh, fiddlesticks!

Just watch.