Another abortion discussion

Yesterday, I got an email from someone asking me to take a look at this article spotted in a Glenn Beck newsletter “The Blaze“. The person admitted that he knows I don’t like Glenn Beck, but to take a look anyway at the article about adoption.

I scanned the newsletter and found the headline that read:

“I Love Abortion” : Pro-Choice Activist Argues Against Adoption

Wow, right! Someone “loves” abortion? Pro-Choice Activist Argues Against Adoption? Wow wow wow.

That’s some brazen language. Imagine if you were a conservative and you saw that, you’d be enraged!

So I read what the newsletter wrote:

LifeNews has uncovered a real doozy when it comes to abortion rights activism. On a website titled “RH Reality Check” (with the “RH” standing for “Reproductive Health”), progressive writer Jessica delBalzo has a headline that is sure to bring precisely zero surprise to many pro-life activists, but may also scandalize moderate pro-choicers. The headline reads, “I Love Abortion: Implying Otherwise Accomplishes Nothing for Womens’ Rights.”

Whoa! Jessica delBalzo is a jerk! Right?

To the Blaze’s credit, it includes three paragraphs of the whole thing and links to the piece. You can read it here.

So I read delBalzo’s ovum-powered piece and ended up agreeing with the premise. The idea she conveyed to me was that she’s had enough of the pejorative language about abortion, and that she’s going to go so far as to say she loves abortion for the sheer fact that women who make that choice stop the feelings of guilt and shame that religious people attach to this procedure.

The other thing about the article is that there’s not one mention of adoption. Not one. She doesn’t make a case for or against it.

I wrote a long email back to the person who sent me this article, and I attempted as much as I could to avoid sounding like a Hitler piece of shit. I’m not going to bore you with the entire thing.

I’m not for abortion, but I’m for those rights.

Man, this topic is tough.


Then I stubbed my toe on the response I was looking for

Can we agree that the majority of those who hate abortion are religious? Most of them qualify as evangelical Christians. These same people believe that their God is the all-powerful, creator of the Universe. This is just a portion of what I wrote in my email response:

[I]f God is in control — as you’re sure He is — than this issue isn’t up to you. Not me. It’s between a woman and God. No more. No less.

Just like everything that you consider a sin is between you and God.

For me, my sins are between the person, people, or whomever I’ve sinned against. And I do not tolerate people who shove my sins in my face, as I do a handy dandy job of raking myself and my sins through the coals on my own. You may empathize with that.

Life is too short for this shit.

I love you. I love that you’re passionate. And I hope that we can either agree to disagree on this one or maybe you’ll agree that it’s not up to us.

Should God be all powerful, I believe God has every right to shut abortion down — on his own — in his own way. Let Him be in command. Practice what you preach.

Humanity doesn’t have to take every issue they think their God wants — based on no biblical passage — and make it so.

Why does God need humans — with all their flaws and sinful ways — telling other people what is and what isn’t right. God should have every opportunity to make his point known, and yet he’s unusually quiet on this subject.

Lost faith and using the trump card

Delivering this email helped me remember why it is I lost faith. It also allowed me to use the faith-based trump card in reverse. How often have Christians shut down a conversation because they drop God into conversation to give them the upper hand?

The church taught me that God is ALL POWERFUL. He’s wonderful. He’s a counselor. He’s a mighty God. Perfect. Just.

I’ve written often that God’s book had every opportunity to cover the issues that are fought over today, slavery, abortion, homosexuality, marriage etc. And except for homosexuality, God didn’t practice any foresight when addressing those issues, which — we argue — renders the homosexual issue obsolete as well. God also had a brilliant opportunity to teach humanity about germs, instead of demons, but he didn’t. I call that a failure of following through on all the things church leadership taught me.

If God is truly all-powerful, religious intervention is superfluous. If God is so wonderful and just, let Him take control. Let Him show the way. If He hated abortion, let him shut it down.

In the meantime, dear Christian readers, add this to the list of hypocrisies that make Christianity appear unsavory, unwelcoming, and petty.

When will people recognize that the very argument against abortion is an even larger argument against the God people claim is so powerful?

If abortion is wrong, and it’s a sin, based on the idea that two people disobeyed God by eating the wrong fruit in a garden 6,000 to 10,000 years ago — and that the women who have one, or the doctors that perform them or the men who support women’s decisions and rights are so evil based on inherited sins (from fucking DISOBEDIENCE!!!) — then let God’s AWESOME, POWERFUL, WONDERFUL, PERFECT, SUPERNATURAL GREATNESS stand on its own.

You who are without sin, cast the first stone.

You who are without temptation and premeditated sins to come, throw all the rocks you want.

The rest of you should reach out, open an ear, and be the best damn wretched soul that you can be. Support a woman, and her choice. And if that means you compromise, chalk one up to all the other times you compromised. Ask for forgiveness, and move on.

We have better things to talk about than whether or not a woman, given the myriad of situations she might have, needs to think abortion is the most evil procedure in the known universe.

Maybe after reading that love-based book you claim is so great, go read the lyrics for Amazing Grace again before opening your mouth in opposition to this topic again.


Kentucky Fried Movie: Astrological Report

I found this video posted over at regular-reader Biodork’s Freethought Blog (FtB). If you haven’t been following Bee to the Dee’s progress over at FtB, what are you waiting for?

I thought of Biodork over the weekend. Some of you might know that Biodork volunteers as an escort at a women’s health facility, that includes services like abortions. Her job is to help women pass from their vehicles to the front door without being completely accosted by protestors who regularly camp out in front of the building.

It’s a shame that such a volunteer is needed in this country, but I — for one — am proud of Biodork for doing it.

On Saturday, I was out looking for photo ops, and I drove past Planned Parenthood (LaSalle and Division) here in Chicago. When Tina and I usually pass there, I open my window and yell at the groups who are picketing out front. “Educate yourself on the facts!” I yell. “Go find another way to love your neighbors!” I scream.

You know, insults.

But Saturday, there was only one dude, with a sign about praying for pro-life. He was reading a book.

If I thought I could get away with stopping in the middle of the road, I would have slammed on my brakes, picked up my camera from the passenger seat and yelled, “Who loves abortions?” When he looked up, I would get his picture.

Oh the shock that would have been on his face! Oh, the joy I would have had on mine! Oh the pictures and the stories for the blog!

Hypotheticals are so boring. 

Next time!

Abortion is safer than having a baby, doctors say

A 44-years old gravid female with previous 6 c...

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But what do doctors know anyway, right? Right?

Doctors and scientists have only brought healthcare leaps and bounds from even 20 years ago.

Or maybe they are trying to goad the anti-abortionists. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what their intent is. It’s a conspiracy!

Here’s the story from the Telegraph:

The advice, which would be given to women considering terminations, has caused anger, with anti-abortion campaigners accusing doctors’ leaders of forcing an “absurdly liberal agenda” on women in a vulnerable situation.

The draft guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is for all doctors, nurses and counsellors advising women contemplating terminations.

Its first recommendation on “what women need to know” instructs health professionals: “Women should be advised that abortion is generally safer than continuing a pregnancy to term.”

The guidance also says that women who are deciding whether to have an abortion must be told that most do not suffer any psychological harm. Until now, their advice has been that while rates of psychiatric illness and self-harm in women are higher among those who had an abortion, there was no evidence that termination itself was likely to trigger psychological problems.

Read on

Photo above: A 44-years old gravid female with previous 6 children was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ of cervix (early stage cancer of womb). So total removal of uterus (womb) with fetus in situ was considered to be inevitable for future health of the lady.

Via Cynical C

Officer, it’s nature’s glove compartment

Where would you keep the following list of items:

17 blue pills, a cigarette, six matches, one flint, an empty syringe with an eraser covering the needle, a lip balm container, an unused condom, a pharmacy receipt and a coupon.

Most people would put that in their underwear drawer. Or maybe in their safe.

But homeless, stretchy rectum Neil Lansing, 33, hid all those things inside of a condom, inside his rectum.

Did you just pucker your back side? Did you? I did.

Wow! Just wow.


Quote of the day and new asshole creation

The quote of the day is from Matthew on this post. He’s responding to a comic about abortion.

There’s a big difference between “health care” and the tolerance of murdering a human being.

Matthew, you’re a jerk.

Allow me to be a bigger jerk, because I want to ream you – and mindless idiots like you – a new asshole. Because the same ideas that encourage you to oppose abortion are the same ideas that cause natural abortion, and that really pisses me off.

Between 2009 and 2010, Tina and I tried some fertility treatments that proved unsuccessful. During the process, we grew close to some neighbor friends who were doing the same treatments at the same doctors’ offices.

When we gave up, our friends decided to give In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) a try. Their insurance paid for the treatment, which costs upwards of $18,000, with a success rate of below 25% for this particular couple.

Tina and I don’t have that kind of money to pay out of pocket. Plus the process is severely painful and difficult.

Our friends were successful. They told us around Christmas time that they were expecting twins. Since we were the only ones who knew, we spent our New Year’s Eve with them, because they wanted to keep the non-drinking aspect a secret. They still had a month and a half before they could tell their family.

Regarding pregnancy, three months is generally considered the iffy zone (not the technical term). Once you cross the three month threshold, it’s generally okay to tell your friends and family, “We’re pregnant!”

Between New Years and the end of January, they lost one of the “babies”. But the second survived.

On a recent Sunday, the couple excitedly told their parents that they were expecting a baby. Let me also explain that this couple are god-fearing people. They practice their faith more than anyone I know in Chicago.

Not two days passed from the day they told their parents when my friends lost their “baby.” It was aborted naturally. This deflating news hit Tina and I like bricks, as we’re sure it hurt the couple, too.

Think about it. This “baby” was 4 inches long. It had hair and eyebrows. And these are the factors that “pro-lifers” rub in prochoicers’ faces.

Frankly, thinking about it makes me shake with anger.

For every natural child birth, how many end up aborted by god’s holy hand? Or am I supposed to believe that’s Satan hand? Bullshit.

How many people die in natural catastrophes versus doctor-induced?

Should Noah’s Ark actually have happened, God is a considerably worse murderer than abortion doctors will ever be.

Abortion-protestors and “pro-lifers” are assholes. You hear me, pro-lifers? You’re assholes. Especially, you Army of God idiots. Right now, I’ve got the Army of God web site open and it’s flashing the worst images you could imagine. Why does god need an army? And why does anyone need to fight for him?

The sheer fact that anyone can see a human as more evil than their god is beyond me.

Dad confronts abortion protesters — Aaron Gouveia is my new hero

Awesome has a new name and it’s Aaron Gouveia.

I just watched this video and got choked up.

Gouveia tells some abortion protesters exactly what prochoicers are advocating. And when it comes down to it, people who fucking oppose a woman’s right to choose, need to hang up their hats and do something worth while.

If teabaggers and Christians are so hellbent on advocating freedom, it’s about goddamn time they started heralding it instead of stymying it.

And if you read all of the above in what you imagined was my screaming voice, you’d be correct.

Aaron Gouveia, whose wife was forced to abort after her fetus was diagnosed with a terminal congenital deformity, was harassed and accosted by anti-choice protesters outside a Brookline, MA abortion clinic.

In the spirit of standing up to bullies, Gouveia approached the sloganeers to see if they would be interested in hearing his side of the story.

Please do yourselves a favor and read the link above. It’s excellent. And it shows how the religious in this country push themselves further from reality by not ridding their churches from idiots like abortion protesters.

Via The Daily