2003 Anil Dash sings the hits

This blog post by Anil Dash from back in January of 2003 on the influence and increase of progressivism is a good read. It’s called, “Changing the Channel.”

Here’s a snippet:

The future is what America’s about. This is not a country about Traditions. Slavery was a tradition. Servitude to patrilineal monarchs was a tradition. The closest thing America has to a tradition is the phrase, the philosophy, “Fuck You”. And who do we say it to? To our parents. To the cops. To our teachers. To all the voices of conservativism. And don’t misunderstand, conservativism isn’t just Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly, who want to make money pushing their agenda. It’s John Ashcroft and Jack Valenti, who truly want to take away your freedoms. Valenti’s a Democrat, by the way. Conservative evil pops up everywhere.

The only loss of freedom that conservative people complain about while looking backwards is that they pretend their speech is limited by “political correctness”. I’d say we’re all a lot freer if it’s considered rude or impolite to call a person by an ethnic slur, or to use a demeaning term to refer to a handicapped person. Those who feel restricted by societal demands to be considerate are poor arbiters of what exactly constitutes liberty.


NPR had this report from GOP analyst Mark McKinnon that will be available tonight after 7 p.m. (Link) He said that if Jon Huntsman were their candidate, Republicans would have won the election. He said that the reason they lost is because the only increase in demographic group came in the old white dude category.

Women, latinos, takers and African Americans were all on the rise.


Barbara Bradley Hagerty did a report called, “For religious conservatives, election was “disaster“.

Part of the story is (emphasis mine):

Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association bought full-page ads in newspapers; that made no difference,” [Albert Mohler president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary] says. “Ralph Reed spent tens of millions of dollars getting out the vote in battleground states; that didn’t make the difference. And you add all of that up, and it was not enough because of the changing demographics of our country.”

“The power of this group to shape elections,” says Greg Smith, a senior researcher at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, “is limited by its size.”

“They do turn out,” he says. “A quarter of the electorate described themselves as white evangelicals. It’s just that that’s not enough to overcome the strong Democratic support of other religious groups.”

Smith says Obama won 95 percent of black Protestants, three-quarters of Hispanic Catholics, 7 out of 10 Jewish voters and 70 percent of religiously unaffiliated voters, which is the fastest-growing segment of “religion.”

Woot! I am in the “fastest-growing segment of “religion.”

Anil Dash post Via Kottke


So that explains why Paul Ryan’s ideas are juvenile

@paulryanvp #paulryan

The above photo of Paul Ryan with one of his sons in his pajamas was released on Ryan’s facebook with the caption:

Great pep talk from one of my most trusted advisors.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

A picture with explanation, many more. 🙂


My argument stands: until conservatives and believers accept science, they won’t have a solid seat at the discussion table


After Ann Romney’s plane was grounded for a small electrical fire causing smoke to fill into her airplane, it was landed. No one was hurt.

In response, Mitt Romney opened his mouth and this came out:

“When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly. And you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.”


A remedial understanding of science could make the Republican presidential candidate look like a goddamn genius.

Quote seen on Facebook. More everyWHERE on the internet.


Rounding up what people are saying about last night


Above is a quote meme from Bill Clinton saying, “In Tampa, the Republican argument against the president’s re-election was pretty simple … we left him in a total mess, he hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in.”

The Republican initiative to bash Obama for not cleaning it up fast was the most repeated line at the RNC.

And while I can appreciate where it comes from, it’s lame. Yawn, yawn, fart fart.

I saw the below image posted which is reflective of the reverse racism card idea that Republicans want desperately to come true:

It’s a play on the old, sexual saying about going black. It reads, “Once you vote black, you never go back.”

I find it a wee too hypocritical. There’s not a person I’ve ever met who hasn’t pulled the line out in jest in public.

Is it racist? It’s designed to be racist.

I don’t agree that it’s the worst thing that could have been applied to a button.

Rush Limbaugh — on the other hand — that guy made a blatant racist statement, and you won’t see any of my Republican friends denounce him. Did you hear about this.

Limbaugh said (emphasis mine),

“Now he can’t fill up this 73,000 Black Panther Stadium. This does not make for a healthy environment and, I’m telling you, when the crowds no longer show up, when you’re no longer drawing crowds, that is a sobering day, that is a tough reality to face.”

The stadium is called, “Bailout Bank of America Stadium.”

I mean, gosh, what an idiot.


Click here for what the Daily What is saying.

Click here for some of Joe My God’s coverage at the DNC is.

If you haven’t been watching Jon Stewart’s bash of the idiots ruining the idea that they are the party of inclusion attending the DNC, you should watch it here.




Thoughts on the Democratic National Convention

I’ve been watching the Democratic National Convention since 5:30 CST.

I watched a little on PBS, but I don’t like the commentary telling me what to think.

So I’m watching the live feed on NBC.

I’m going to live blog the rest of it, but my thoughts so far:

  • It’s awesome to be talked to as an adult with an education and not as a 5 year old getting reprimanded by the angriest mommy without a clue in the world.
  • The speech from the firefighter was too reflective of the RNC’s attempt to use regular Joes as spokespeople for everyone. The statements were too broad.
  • The energy and charisma at the DNC is a hundred times better than the RNC.
  • PBS is right. The DNC is not concerned enough with poverty.
  • If I were a Republican, I would confuse the energy and charisma with “shouting” and “yelling.”
  • It’s refreshing to see a crowd populated with color (both women and men) and strong, confident women.
  • Tina and I have both commented separately about how emotionally moved we are by the speakers. Wow.

Stay tuned. I’ll update below with thoughts as they come. :O

  • Ted Strickland was hilarious. His reference to the sermon on the mount, priceless. He pointed out that Mitt Romney’s deception about his money and his taxes is telling. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Where is Mitt’s treasure? Where his goddamn heart is. He doesn’t care about America. He cares about his fortune and not losing it.
  • If you’re a woman, and you want empowerment, give
  • Rahm Emmanuel is kind of fucking it up. He’s not likable or well spoken. I’m embarrassed for him.
  • Establishing The mythology that I wrote about for Mitt, that’s what the DNC is guilty of as well.
  • It’s no wonder why all the cool smart people love liberal values. All the people who love the values are much, much cooler than those who stand for lesser values.
  • Equal pay for equal work! So fucking cool.
  • Wow. If I was a fan of the RNC, I’d be jealous of how much stronger the DNC folks are. How many abysmal failures spoke at the RNC? Just wow.
  • If I had to peg the most “Christian” ideals, in as much as the ones that are loving toward others, it would be those presented here, at the DNC. When they say “god bless” it’s almost as if they mean it.
  • Holy crap. I’m so glad to be associated with the smart kids.
  • Inclusion/exclusion. That’s a powerful message. Are you a Christian who believes in hell or aren’t you?
  • Cory Booker is sixty times better than every candidate you’ve ever liked.
  • It amazes me, that as a son of adopted parents, as the admirer of great parents who exude liberal values (real unconditional love, appreciation for down-home values) , that they would side with conservatives ones which completely negate their openness and greatness.
  • Wow. Michelle Obama has some fucking street cred. She’s badass.
  • I don’t appreciate the attempts to humanize Barrack. He and I may never hang out so don’t make him my neighbor, bitch. Seriously.
  • These thoughts are political, they are personal. Hmm. Imagine that. It’s like all those Christian teachings you’ve ever heard, but better. They’re real. Wow.
  • If I was Mrs Romney, I would fire my speech writers. I would definitely fire my speech coaches. I would probably consider divorcing my dumbass husband.
  • Why do I love the liberal ideology? Because it’s reflective of the tortoise  and the hare. It’s reflective of how I do business. If you expect to get there over night, you’ve got the wrong idea. It’s the long road that leads to success.
  • “All of our children” not just “mine”. This is the party to stand behind.
  • You don’t have to hold your audiences hands in the liberal party. You don’t have to baby them. You can talk intelligently, without apology, and know you aren’t going to lose your audience. That’s what’s great about liberals. Their education level doesn’t require speakers to talk down or act like a pre-school teacher.

FOX News: Paul Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies


More here.

In an attempt at transparency, the writer Sally Kohn is a liberal-leaning lesbian. However, it is somewhat surprising that this was published at FOX’s web site.

However, there’s some interesting tidbits in there.

The three words she used to describe Ryan are, Dazzling, Deceiving, and Distracting. Although many more than three words follow.

My thoughts of last night’s speeches were:

  • If they brought up their love for their kids and their parents and grandparents one more time, I was going to scream. How about thinking further. How about a bigger picture than your personal little ones? That’s the summation of the republican party, small-minded, myopic, I can only see immediate results and no long term.
  • Yes, Paul Ryan is a dynamic speaker. Although his speech reflected the “our audience is 5 years old, so I gotta talk slow” mentality.
  • And I will say again, Condie Rice blew her party out of the water. Her cerebral approach reflects the kind of REAL leadership we need in this country.


Between the ovarian lottery, general education, availability of mentorship, the government obviously didn’t help Cheryl Valenzuela — or Mitt Romney for that matter — as she built her business.

I wish this graphic had better citation, but I thought I would share it … like a jerk … anyway.

Via Facebook.