Satan looks like Obama? Coincidence? I think not.

article-2295082-18BFD6BD000005DC-96_634x547From the Daily UK:

Sunday evening’s episode of the History Channel’s hit series ‘The Bible’ threw up an awkward coincidence when viewers noticed that Satan bore a remarkable resemblance to President Obama.

Twitter exploded into life during the airing of the latest edition of the Mark Burnett-produced series with most noting the striking similarities between the 44th President and the devil played by actor Mehdi Ouzaani.

The show has been a surprise hit in the ratings, with the religious mini-series attracting 13.1 million viewers on Wednesday – topping television leviathan American Idol’s 12.8 million viewers on Wednesday.

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Finally! We have proof that Satan exists. Phew!

Kelly Fenton (@kellyfen283 ) tweeted, “#MyFirstTime ad by #Obama is similar to an ad #Putin did. They must share the same advisor: #Satan #RussianStyleTactics #tcot”.

Here’s the ad in question.

I love that Kelly Fenton thinks Satan exists. No photos. No video. No proof. But Satan, the enemy of god, exists. Really. And he informs Obama and his supporters how to think.

Wait a minute. That makes me … possessed by Satan.

Unlike Fenton, I have video proof of her existence. And don’t tell anyone, but Jesus Christ makes an appearance in this video, too. If you tell anyone, it will shatter the atheist agenda! So shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.





Loving your neighbors all the way to Mars … just like a Jesus commanded

This morning I saw this update at Facebook.

It’s a Rotten ecard that reads, “Congratulations on wasting $100 billion dollars landing a remote controlled buggy on Mars. Not sure how this is supposed to help us poor people here on Earth, but great job.”

Seeing something like that yanks at my cognitive dissonance. I love science and I love humanism. And I don’t want anyone misunderstanding the importance of space travel, but I don’t want them to feel left out either.

And part of me wants to post something like this:

To which, Glenn Beck’s the Blaze responded that there are multitudes of Christians who are helping the poor. It’s the dumbass, liberal media’s fault for not covering the topic.

See the masses posted at The Blaze here. Here’s one example:

Isn’t it weird that the photos were ignored by the right-wing media as well? It has to be covered by poor, little Glenn Beck’s blog in a last-ditch effort to show how awesome Christians are.

Oddly enough, they can’t produce the same captivating images that poured onto the Internet after August 1.


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Thursday nooner: I ask the tough questions: Does God hate Bristol Palin?

Did you hear? Bristol Palin’s reality series bombed. 

Does God hate Bristol Palin for having a baby out of wedlock?

No, he couldn’t. He loved Mother Mary for having a baby out of wedlock.

No, no, it must be Satan. Satan stepped in and turned on the blazing hate toward Bristol.

No, Satan doesn’t exist.

So that leaves Jesus.

Or something.

In response to the “One man slash one woman for life”, how come no one on the liberal/secular side ever brings up the fact that God himself couldn’t stick to one woman after he impregnated Mary?

He had a one night stand with her, he didn’t bother with the paperwork or headache of a wedding ceremony. He left her pregnant and open to ridicule, and commanded Joseph to jump in and be her groom.

If there’s one being that doesn’t believe in one man slash one woman for life … it’s the big G.

How do believers have the cojones to think they know the mind of god?

Sassy demon animated gif proves the existence of Satan

Isn’t it obvious — after viewing clips like these — that Satan is real, that he and his minions live in the bodies of religious people, and that we should drop what we’re doing and worship God?

Oddly enough, demon possession doesn’t appear outside of church circles.

Something is fishy.

Via I have seen every demon possession on the Internet. 

Every time a few centuries pass, an angel gets a gun

Stan at TYWKIWDBI posted the above image of a painting titled, “The Archangel Barachiel with Harquebus.”

He wrote:

I have to admit I’ve never considered the possibility of angels/archangels carrying armaments, but I’m undoubtedly ignorant of some Biblical references.  Anyone?

There were a range of answers including discussion of “where’s his wings?” and something to the tune of, a modern depiction of an angel who once wielded a sword.

There was one comment which I found to be true based on my research of the bible and that was this one from Abbie:

I just finished reading the Bible (and the apocrypha!) and angel actually aren’t really that important. The original hebrew word just meant “messenger” so for the most part angels are just ill-defined beings that say stuff for God/Yahweh.

Revelations, which is much later, angels are a more defined concept, and they appear wielding “sharp sickles” in chapter 14.

The idea of “archangels”, armed or not, must be later theology. (Satan as a character is pretty undefined in the Bible. I don’t know where the whole “fallen angel” thing comes from, maybe since the “Satan” (a hebrew word meaning “adversary, NOT a proper noun) in Job is able to speak to God, but the later conception of Satan is not on as good terms.)

AF- the “cherubim” in the OT are winged griffin or sphynx-ish creatures, not chubby baby angels.

While Satan is among the characters that I learned about at church and at school, he’s incredibly quiet in the bible as a singular character. There are gods of the era that are demonized, like Baal. And the character that shows up in Genesis (the snake!), in Job, in the desert temptation scene with Yeshua, and then again in Revelation — we’re made to think he’s the same character.

I was taught that — by taking the bible as a whole — you piece together the picture of Satan. However, the Satan story as a fallen angel is a confused bit of folklore based on a passage in Revelations about a fallen star.

As a Christian, not understanding where Satan comes from is taking the bible out of context. Even though the context is a cobbled together bunch of disconnected stories.

The monsters of the Bible are God and later Jesus, who came to earth in a minuscule pocket of the world to bring salvation from a place called hell that God, nor Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit are able to defeat for whatever reason or another.

Dear Christian, doesn’t that strike you as odd? 

Are we really supposed to accept that Hell is the cosmic equivalent of a vehicle’s blind spot? No matter what Yeshua or God does, they will never be powerful enough to defeat Satan. So by the sheer misfortune of thought crimes, you and your loved ones who don’t invite Yeshua into their hearts are bound for eternity without God’s glowing, all-powerful love?

Something smells fishy. 

Satan is more clearly depicted in tradition than biblical description. As are angels and the monotheism of YHWH.

When read from a certain perspective, the bible makes God out to be several characters who existed in the minds of different tribes and people groups back then. And even the forced ideology of the “trinity” is essentially jamming down your throat that you’re supposed to think three beings are one. Clearly, they are three. But you have to fight logic for faith.

It was tradition and theology that created monotheism, in the form of a pantheistic, back-bending, mind-numbing exercise in mental aerobics.

If you can accept that three are one, than apparently you can accept that God, Satan, Heaven and Hell are plausible and acceptable concepts.

If you can accept that “all-powerfulness” also includes “not-all-powerfullness,” then by Jove, you should be a Christian.

SATAN IS REAL … He’s right here! Can’t you see him??? Yeah, me neither.

Among the many things in this video that will blow your mind, Pat says, “Burn that statue of Buddha.”

“Demons, these things are real,” He repeats over and over.


Uploaded by mediamatters4america on Apr 9, 2012

Roundup of things Pat Robertson claims are demonic, includes among others: yoga, karate, Twilight, homosexuality, tv shows about ghosts, young girls playing levitation games at sleepovers, and (sometimes) adopted children from other countries. More details on Robertson’s demon hunting here: