Spend a little time with a Glock

I just rolled by regular-reader and comment contributor* Glock’s neighborhood, and noticed a couple posts you should check out.

This is a great one on Bush’s third term. Check out the video of President Obama versus Senator Obama. It’s priceless.

This one about FOX news supporting terrorism is a gem.

And of course the narcisistic attention whore in me loves it when there’s a post about Le Café.

So go read them already.

And I say, “Comment Contributor” because I like all my regular readers, but I’m starting to show favoritism toward the commenters.

I mean, I talk about you guys daily as if you’re my close circle of friends. At any given point during the day, I might say, “Glock said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! It was so cool.” Or Kilre said, “Were you looking at my bum?” Or biodork said, “Minestrone Minnesota!” Or Jude said, “Get a dog!” or Petursey said, “Bollocks Sandra Bullock!” Or Xina said, “I’ll box your face in!” Or Luis said, “I heart NYC.” Or SAW said, “I sell sea shells by the sea shore.” Or … well, you get the point. Do I have to name all of you? You all know each other by now, too.

So all you sweet-ass commenting cool people … Thanks.

To all you lurkers (yes you!), get your collective heads out of your asses. You’re contributing to reading, but the lack of responses are killing me.

By all means, keep reading. But grow a pair of ovum or balls and put yourself out there.

I mean, you have to have an opinion, don’t you?