Hump Day Nooner: The House Bunny mnemonic

I’m an Anna Farris fan. And while House Bunny wasn’t that great, Farris’ other work has been stuff that I can watch over and over.

This scene is our favorite scene from House Bunny. It shows how Farris’ humor is dark and her deliveries are amazing, despite the pretty, collagen-injected lips.

This scene makes me laugh and laugh. I love it when the Beetlejuice inspired girl beside her sits up after she repeats “Harmony.”

And then at the end when she explains it’s her mnemonic, the timing from explanation to saying “Natalie” in that voice is comic genius.

Thanks, Tina!


Tribadism! Detumescence! Algolagnia! Antiquated sex terms that need to be brought back!

I saw this article about antiquated sex terms that need to be brought back and I thought of you … sexually.


Here’s a good one:

houghmagandy – sexual intercourse, generally adulterous in nature – I like this one for times when words like intercourse and coitus feel too common. It also has a wonderful, comedy-friendly pronunciation — HOCH-muh-gan-dee — with the first syllable like you’re clearing your throat and/or doing a derivative impression of a Middle Easterner.

Go read it for yourself and become sexually enlightened.