Put your seat trays in their reclining position and scream your brains out.

Tina and I are on the plane waiting for people to smash their laptops and toiletries in overhead compartments.

NYC is just over two hours away. Frankly I’m jealous of myself. I love this city more than the one I live in.

It’s an over stimulus of sensual pornography. There’s a great bit by David Cross in which he talks about how you constantly forced to make a decision in NY; whether you should stare at the craziest person in the world or the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in the world. It’s quite the conundrum.

It’s a full fucking flight. We’re packed like sardines.

This is from my phone so go easy on spelling and grammar. All electronics off. There’s wifi on the flight so I’ll catch up on a little blogging, I hope.

Here’s a pic I found last night.