Ooooo Newt Gingrich’s pants are on *fire*

Remember when liar, liar pants on fire Newt “I’m a liar” Gingrich told the world that he could furnish character witnesses regarding his wish for an open, swingin’ marriage?

Well, he can’t produce any witnesses.

As The Daily What wrote:

In other words, [CNN’s John] King, who practically handed South Carolina to Gingrich, may have just played a critical role in taking Florida away.

In all fairness, the network in the driver’s seat is CNN, so you have to weigh in the extreme liberal bias at play (and at work) here.



Dan Savage sings the hits

Dan Savage speaking at IWU

From this article at, Dan Savage says:

Well, we’ve been seeing this throughout the campaign, where Bachmann and Romney and Perry and Santorum, they’ve all been challenged not by activists or gay organizations, but by individual voters. … Increasingly LGBT people are empowered, not ashamed,” he said. “They’re attacking us, and we’re confronting them. We’re holding them accountable and calling them on their lies and their ‘pious baloney,’ to borrow Newt Gingrich’s phrase. America is waking up to the fact that we’re not bogeymen, and we’re not coming to do any harm, and that we’re your daughters and sons and neighbors, sometimes your parents, your co-workers, friends, colleagues. The Republican party, in this desperate [nod] to its dying evangelical base, is just ramping up the homophobia, and they’re doing themselves real long-term damage.

“What’s interesting is that, you look at who’s been doing the most hate speech: Bachmann? She’s out. Herman Cain? He’s out. Perry? He’s all but out. Santorum? He’s running fourth, he’s trailing even in conservative South Carolina,” Savage continued.

“It’s not winning them the election anymore. It’s not 1992; Pat Buchanan can’t get up and give a ‘gay rights never, family values forever’ speech at the Republican National Convention anymore. Times have changed.


Old News: Woman Hanged, Killed Dog For Chewing Bible

This is relatively old news about the South Carolina woman who killed a dog for chewing a bible. The story is worth reposting though, because it involves a pit bull.

Ain’t nobody touch a pit bull and get away with it!

The woman, Miriam Smith reads her bible on her porch every Saturday, rain or shine, cold her hot, hell or high water.

“Whatsa matter, Miriam, no porch in prison to read your bible?”

I’m going to start calling Talulah “Devil Dog”.


SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. — A 65-year-old woman is accused of killing her nephew’s dog because it had chewed on her Bible, and she said it was a “devil dog.”

Deputies said that Andy Fowler called them last Tuesday to report that his aunt had hung his dog. Fowler said his aunt, Miriam Smith, admitted hanging his 1-year-old pit bull, Diamond.

Officers found the partially burned body of the dog under a pile of grass with an orange electrical cord around its neck at the home on John Worthy Road in Pacolet.
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Mehta: Spartanburg Councilwoman Linda Dogan’s Anti-Gay Rant of Love

This post (link) from Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta deserves a reposting. Please pick it up if you read it and pass it along.

In a nutshell, the mayor of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Mayor Junie White recently recognized GLBT rights in their community. He approved June 19 as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Day.

Linda Dogan

City Councilwoman Linda Dogan wasn’t so thrilled. In fact, she gave this speech which Hemant transcribed (which I’ll add below the fold for anyone who wants to read along.


“Christians”, it is time for this kind of “love” to go away.


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