Where are they now?

I bet you woke up this morning, and the first thought that popped into your mind was, “Where is Star Wars Kid?”

Remember that kid, right?

This one.

Well, here he is now!

Star Wars Kid, aka Ghyslain Raza, sued the kids who leaked the video to the internet, but ol’ Raza still gets raz’d now for the poor schmo’s famous video. He’s now 20 years old and seemingly doing fine.

But after eight years of laughs at his expense – and a few campaigns in his defense – Ghyslain is back. Now in his early 20s, he’s reemerged as the president of thePatrimoine Trois-Rivières, a conservation society that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of his hometown of Trois-Rivières.

I imagined Raza wakes up on a daily basis hoping this will be the day that he doesn’t get a little ball busting about his foray into wielding broomstick lightsabers.

There’s a moral to this lesson. Learn it well. And teach your kids, too. Teach ’em well.