Fascinating: Man straps into jetpack and flies in formation

After the last sneak peek, JETMAN officially presented his formation and precision flight abilities to the press for the first time on July 2nd during the Breitling Flying days in Buochs, Switzerland, by flying together with and around the Breitling Wingwalkers for 3 minutes… and now it’s there for you all to see!



Europe puts the kibosh on Bush’s upcoming visit

George W. Bush, Forty-third President (2001–2009)

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

Some American’s don’t travel to Europe because they’re reverse xenophobes according to this CNN article. Many of these people don’t watch movies or TV with subtitles.

“It’s too much work to read through a movie,” they say while scooping up another handful of potato chips into their greasy fat hands.

George W. Bush won’t be traveling to Europe any time soon, because the douchebag could get arrested for crimes against humanity.

Ol’ Bushy shouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the ranch for fear of arrest.

Here’s the article in question.


Thanks, Luis, for the CNN article re: passports!