Thursday morning reading list

Video editing is going to keep us apart a little more than I’d like today. But before I let my work sit on my face and pass gas like an evil sibling, I thought you deserved something to keep you busy.

Everyone likes READING!

  • Carol Putnam discusses, “Does God Hate Women?” over at Nothing new, but definitely a reminder.
  • PZ Myers started a land war with another skeptic named Stephen Asma. PZ responded to something Asma wrote here. And then PZ responded to a response from Asma here. I feel shitty for only posting the PZ stuff, but you know how biased I am in a rush I am.
  • Hemant Mehta doesn’t agree with Christians when they say, “Stop loving gay people.
  • Ted Haggard steps into the limelight again with his member in his hand. Unloads on GQ. GQ must be hurting for sales.
  • Infographic on the sheer size of the Internets. Cower in its shadow, kids. There’s more spam mail out there than you ever knew.
  • Yours truly gets battered plugged on his new “Christian” friend’s blog. The conversation is worth reading. I need to post the facebook conversation soon. It’s thrilling.

Above: A hipstamatic self portrait art directed by my niece and used on “Christian” web sites to show how evil we atheists are.