The Christian book duel? It’s on.

Yesterday I challenged Christian blogger Mark Tetzlaff to a book duel. I said that because it appeared that he had not read Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth,” he must read it in full and write an entire review on it. Then — and only then — would I validate his review and have a conversation with him about it.

I took it a step further and I said that in exchange, I’d read — not one — but TWO books of his choice. I would review his recommend on my blog and he would have to review Dawkins’ book on his blog.

Well, he took the challenge. So far, he’s only recommended one book. The book he chose?

Evolution, the Grand Experiment,” by Dr. Carl Werner. Tetzlaff chose this book because he claims it is fair and balanced in contrast to one-sided Richard Dawkins and his despotic views of evolution and evolution only.

I would like to refrain from making any judgements about the book until I have a chance to read it and digest it. After reading through some comments on Amazon, I’m anxious to see what it says myself. I want to remain as unbiased as possible and approach this challenge with an open mind. At least as open as I can muster.

For the record, I grew up in a fundamental Christian home. I went to school from 5K to through high school and then on to a college at Christian schools. My elementary to graduation was at a school called Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point, NC. I have a bachelors degree in English Communication from Montreat College. Most of my education has been from a Christian background with an emphasis on creationism.

I don’t have a background in evolution. In fact, I’ve read as much as I can on both topics. Creationism pales in comparison to evolution on many levels, which is why I made the switch from creationism to evolution.

That’s just a little background for Tetzlaff and for those interested in following this conversation.

Once I get the book, the challenge begins.