If you didn’t listen to the Harris vs Craig debate …

I finished listening to the debate between William Lane Craig and Sam Harris on Friday night while I was cooking.

I really think you should listen to it. Yes, you. Here’s a link. And I’m not just talking to atheists or theists. I’m talking to all you immoral moralists.

No, seriously. If you care about the conversation between theism and non, do yourself a favor. Craig is considered the deity among men regarding this debate.

I personally think he’s a shameless, dumb moron who uses smoke in mirrors to distract otherwise good people into following his lead.

I think it’s hilarious that John Loftus is declaring William Lane Craig the winner. See his blog. That insolent douchebag claims he talked to Sam Harris and that Harris said, “I’ve heard of you.”

My gag reflex definitely works.

Who the hell cares if he’s heard of you, Loftus?

After hearing Craig dodge several questions during Q&A and treating logic like it’s playdoh on is little, ittle-bitty, play-time play table, anyone who says Craig won the debate is smoking some crappy, street level crack.

And Luke Muehlhauser better not side against me on this one!


Roper: Sick and Tired of God Stuff, an open letter to theists

The text below is by Carol Roper:

First of all, I am an atheist. Most likely one of the most adamant atheists you’ll ever meet. Let’s talk about why, and what it is that’s got me completely fed up with a good number of believers of almost any stripe.

There is only one simple reason that I am atheist. There is ample evidence that the concept of gods is entirely man made, and additionally, made from ignorance. Most theists have difficulty with this, yet as a friend of mine says, we atheists simply believe in ONE LESS god than you Christians (or Jews, or Moslems, etc) do. I have yet to find a Christian who has difficulty agreeing with me that Zeus or Poseidon ever existed… yet they cling to the ridiculous short-circuited rationalization that THEIR god DOES exist.

“But the Bible says”… hey. I don’t believe in gods so obviously I don’t believe in god-authored books, and therefore I have no interest whatsoever in arguing your quotations with you.

“How can you be moral and ethical without religion to guide you?” Perhaps theists consider themselves too dimwitted to sort out right from wrong, but I don’t feel that we humans really have that problem. More seriously, ethics and morals are very easily proven to be man-made – societally driven, in fact. That’s precisely why ethics and morals differ between cultures and groups. We can see, as communications become more global, that morals are becoming more similar around the world. The United Nations is a good example of politics trying to keep up with societal mores. We don’t do ‘bad’ things because ‘bad’ things ultimately make our lives more difficult.

“What about miracles?” What about them? Never saw one, did you?

“But I have a personal relationship with God!” So, if I said I have a personal relationship with Harvey, who you cannot see, would you find that comforting? I find these ‘personal relationships’ with the unembodied to be downright scary. I prefer my relationships with those I can actually encounter on a physical plane, and further, I distrust anyone who really thinks such supernatural two-way relationships are real. If he or she can err that badly when facing reality, why should I trust him or her about anything?

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