Perpetuating a stereotype is easy, just ask Doug Giles

My mentor from college teaches video production to students at a Christian college in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m tempted to send this video to him and say, “Please let your students know that video production like this one should be avoided at all times.”

The thing is, I know he knows this. He really is a cool guy with an interesting take on his own belief.

But I’m still tempted to reinforce the message.

Holy crap, this is bad. Problem is, it looks cool. It’s just the message.

When did Church culture take the turn toward beefy manliness and calling your audience “dinky”?

What the hell fire is a dinky?

And who is going to lead the intervention with Doug Giles?



In video production today

I’m shooting a video I usually put together for a glamourous, upscale mock home that is built inside of one of my client’s buildings called DreamHome. I’ll update later from the set.

Take this opportunity to post wacky things in the comments that you’ve always wanted to say, but never had the guts.

This was the graphics I did for the job back in 2007. Happy Tuesday.